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  • Ohmless Pedals LeSwitch - Looper
    LeSwitch is a five channel True Bypass Looper that uses programmed soft switches with a memory function. True Bypass wiring along with high quality products make sure your signal is safe. CONTROLS None FEATURES Programmed Soft Switch layo..
    $195.00 $229.00
  • Ohmless Pedals Lorena Overdrive
    Lorena is the Ohmless approach on putting the perfect Klon out there and they did a great job!  Using almost all the original components, they were able to make this pedal as close to the original as possible.  Lorena sounds great with just about any amp/guitar combination as it is ve..
    $150.00 $179.00
  • Ohmless Pedals Plunger Buffer
    Using too many pedals can lead to tone loss, if you don't use a Buffer. Especially high frequencies get stuck somewhere in between all those cables. That's when the Plunger steps in. Placed at the beginning of your chain, it converts a high impedance signal into a low impedance one, creating a st..
    $51.00 $60.00
  • Ohmless Pedals Solana Overdrive
    Solana is a very transparent overdrive based on a Bluesbreaker design.  Offering a lot of headroom and gain along with a very versatile tone control and a high cut switch, this pedal allows you to find the perfect sound for your rig. It is suitable for both Strat and Les Paul type guitars ..
    $149.00 $179.00
  • Ohmless Pedals Valve A/B Input Regulator
    This pedal takes care of a very common problem when running your rig with two guitars: uneven guitar signals.  Valve allows you to adjust the volume of channel B to channel A with the help of a clean boost, offering two equal signals that will run through your board. No more adjusting y..
  • Ortega Cajon and Pedal Bundle
    Our hands free percussion has "you", the stringed instrument player, in mind. Go busking in the streets, recording in a studio, jam with friends or write a song, adding percussive rhythm elements, all while playing your stringed instrument. The ORTEGA STOMP BOX CAJON BUNDLE OSTBCJ-BU&nbs..
  • Pedal Projects Glacial Chorus
    The Glacial Chorus is a fully analog chorus with a clean and simple layout. The pedal features a bucket brigade chip and a simple but very usable and lush sounding circuit.  It'll give you light and fast to deep and slow chorus or anything in between. With two knobs you can easily dial in ..
    $144.50 $170.00
  • Pedal Projects Litli Fuzz
    This is the new V.2 of the Litli Fuzz which features a special PCB design for more reliability and consistency. The Litli Fuzz (Litli = little in Icelandic) is a take on the classic NPN Silicon Fuzz Face. It requires +9V DC so you can daisy chain them with most other 9V DC pedals. They're hou..
    $85.00 $100.00
  • Pedal Projects Owly Booster
    Owly has grown up and gained some great features. We've redesigned the whole boost circuit, while retaining the original tone. Especially not the midrange! With an internal 9 to 18V conversion, the pedal has more headroom and boost than ever before. This simple MOSFET circuit gives you a warm..
    $110.00 $130.00
  • Pedal Projects Undertow Analog Optical Tremolo
    Need an all-analog optical tremolo that's very warm and simple but versatile at the same time? The Pedal Projects Undertow features a simple analog circuit that gives you two tremolo waveforms via a toggle switch.  Triangle wave is a softer wave but the square wave is harder and can pr..
    $120.00 $160.00
  • Pigtronix FAT Drive
    Pigtronix FAT Drive is an all analog tube sound overdrive.  The FAT Drive’s multiple cascaded gain stages enable you to nail sounds ranging from bluesy overdrive to rich saturation, all while retaining musical dynamics and the original character of your instrument. FAT Drive t..
    $119.00 $149.00
  • Pre-Owned Black Arts Toneworks Black Forest
    ***Pre-Owned Black Arts Toneworks Black Forest Pedal in Excellent condition with a few scratches on the back.    What you have here is a throwback to the glory days of rock and roll, with a Black Arts twist. The Black Forest takes a celebrated circui..