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  • Swindler Effects Iron Drive
    Pure iron isn't found in nature; it has to be blasted from a heap of oxidized minerals and dirt in a 2500˚ furnace. The IRON DRIVE is our take on the tubescreamer circuit, and we refined it tirelessly until there was nothing left but pure, brilliant tone. We've included three disti..
  • Swindler Effects Magic City Delay
    Harry Houdini once said that what the eyes see and the ears hear, the mind believes. Enter the MAGIC CITY DELAY, featuring onboard tap, three tap divisions, tap in / tap out functionality, and a price point that is (quite frankly) unheard of. This is no trick. Dark, lush repeats are the name..
  • Swindler Effects Mineshaft Reverb
    Peer into the dark; down into the ominous depths, where an echo hints at something unknown and then slowly drifts away. We crafted theMINESHAFT REVERB to get you down there, and it's the first of its kind. Boasting rich, spacial tones that can range from a subtle wash to a thick, ambien..
  • Swindler Effects Nexus 4 Looper
    The Nexus_4 is a fully programmable effects looper with four separate channels. It has two banks of presets, and a live mode. The far, right footswitch toggles between the banks. Please see the manual below for the full feature set.   Please note that in order to keep this looper as ..
  • Swindler Effects Red Mountain - Tremolo
    The summit of tremolo performance is now attainable, and it's called the Red Mountain. One of the most versatile, feature-packed tremolo pedals ever produced, the Red Mountain packs all of the most popular tremolo features into a small, affordable package. The Red Mountain is first and forem..
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  • Swindler Effects Workers Comp - Compressor
    For too long, guitarists everywhere have labored against poor sustain and inconsistent dynamics. The time has come to unite against the oppressive forces of tone loss, and to reclaim the tone that is rightfully ours. The WORKERS' COMP is here to help. A fresh take on an old classic, it ..