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  • Lone Wolf Audio Xenomorph - Delay / Reverb
    Modified VHS Delay with added infinite reverb. Secondary mode for the LFO waveform of the modulation completely sending this thing to an outer space hellscape never before seen.     ..
  • Malekko Spring
    Malekko Omicron Series spring reverb emulator pedal. Back in the 2000′s, Malekko hatched an idea for a pedal that was so radical, so risky, so dangerous, so crazy, that the so-called Powers That Be became too scared and tried to squash it, much like the eggless omelet. That pedal w..
  • Malekko Spring Chicken Reverb
    Since the dawn of time, musicians have tried to cram a giant spring reverb into a tiny enclosure. We too have worked tirelessly like watchmakers for many years on this project; spiraling springs into enclosures only to have them pop out like a peanut can full of snakes. But after months of tweaki..
  • Matthews Effects Astronomer - Celestial Reverb
    Join the celestial bodies with The Astronomer, a hall/shimmer reverb with two foot-switchable channels. Set one as a light hall reverb and the other as a deep ambient shimmer, or anything in between. Only one can be activated at a time, letting you dynamically switch between the two reverbs givin..
  • Matthews Effects The Cosmonaut - Modulated Void Reverb
    The Cosmonaut-Void Reverb will take you to new frontiers reshaping what you thought reverb could be. Allowing you to harness spacial anomalies to create new and interesting sounds. Play it mild or go full extreme its up to you comrade. The mix control makes it easy to loose yourself in the vo..
  • MOJO Hand FX Dewdrop Reverb
    The Dewdrop excels in both versatility AND useability by offering a simple, intuitive layout. It’s carefully voiced to give you 100% useable spring reverb tones ranging from subtle and damp to full on ambient wetness. It’s designed to give your tone a splash of color alongside a minimal set of co..
    $170.00 $199.95
  • Mooer Ocean Machine - Duel Delay / Reverb / Looper
    Designed and developed over two years, in collaboration with Devin Townsend, the Ocean Machine is a high fidelity professional Delay, Reverb and Looper unit which brings together the best available hardware on the market and very complex algorithms to create lush, heavenly effects. MOOER has work..
  • Mooer ShimVerb - Reverb
    3 Reverb Modes: Room, Spring, Shimmer     Room: Different sized true acoustics reverb, from room to hall.     Spring: Simulates a classic spring reverberation, vintage 60’s Surfing sound.     Shimmer: Add rich overtone into the reverb sound, sp..
  • Mooer SkyVerb - Reverb
    The Mooer SkyVerb is a high quality digital reverb pedal, using a 32 bit fixed point DSPchip Three reverb modes: Studio/ Church/ Plate.      Studio: warm & natural indoor reverb, and the decay knob can show different sizes of indoor reverb effects   &nb..
  • Mooer WoodVerb - Acoustic Reverb
    If you are an Acoustic Guitar Player and are tired of the monotonous sound that comes out from your guitar and have the passion that nothing less than an electric guitar player — OK, then, please checkout this WoodVerb Acoustic Guitar Reverb Pedal. WoodVerb is a digital reverb peda..
  • Neunaber Immerse Reverberator Pedal
    **Neunaber Technology products are sold exclusively in store in Plymouth, MA The Immerse Reverberator houses eight stellar stereo reverbs — Wet, hall, plate & spring reverbs, two shimmers, Wet+echo, and Wet+detune. Each effect has been painstakingly crafted: there are no fillers here..
  • Neunaber Seraphim Mono Shimmer Reverb
    Seraphim Mono Shimmer combines the Wet Reverb with our celebrated shimmer effect, taking the "choir of angels" sound to a new level! Simple, versatile controls allow you to quickly dial in your ideal celestial sound. Even better—you can switch on-the-fly between shimmer and rev..