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  • J Rockett Audio Designs Tranquilizer Phase/Vibe
    The new Tranquilizer Phase/Vibe is a swirly machine. One of our favorite effects of old was the original phase 45. We always thought it was more musical than the 90 and less “in your face”. We started out to make a recreation but then discovered features we needed. The tranquilizer is capable of ..
  • Keeley Bubble Tron - Dynamic Flanger Phaser
    Robert Keeley and his crew are fans of Zappa.  Rabid Fans.  This pedal explores some of the famous, but very hard to find sounds of the past.  Keeley Engineering has created another batch of Neo-Vintage effects that never were.  This time Keeley has made the Flanger and Phaser..
  • Keeley Dark Side - Gilmour in a box
    You can behold the universe in a glass of wine. We should all be so lucky as to be identified by the sound of a single note.  Some players are so well defined that their entire musical journey can be heard in a single note they play.  Tone is in the fingers.  Tone is in the min..
  • Lightning Wave Astro Phaser
    Field Effect Transistors drive a swirling analog phaser circuit with undertones of a futuristic civilization run by the noise rocking elite Controlling the phase depth with an expression pedal and triggering waveforms can lead to a myriad of interactions that have yet to be heard from a phaser ef..
  • Lone Wolf Audio Acetylene Nirvana - VCF - Sample Hold Ultra
    *This is the Custom Blue Art Version!  RARE!  Introducing the all new Lone Wolf Audio Acetylene Nirvana.  Keeping with the flavor of our effects, I have decided to Tackle one of the hardest to build, And one of the best sounding effects ever made. The Oberhiem/Maestro ..
  • Malekko Phase
    PHASE OMICRON SERIES ANALOG PHASE SHIFT PEDAL We redesigned the pedal inside and out, and the result is a luscious phase of unsurpassed richness! Frequency is now one of the main knobs and color adjustment is inside the pedal. The frequency pot range has been massaged to allow more low en..
  • Matthews Effects The Chemist - Atomic Modulator
    The Chemist - Atomic Modulator  Manipulate the elements, create sonic concoctions, and experiment with new sound textures using The Chemist.  The Chemist is a one-stop sonic laboratory that generates organic modulation and phaser effects using three powerful algorithms: chor..
  • McCaffrey Audio Run Rabbit Run - Vibe/Chorus
    The Run Rabbit Run Vibe design emulates all of the classic sounds of the vintage Uni-Vibe TM pedal but incorporates a new and wide palate of sounds with ease of use for the gigging musician. From classic rock, to new genres of music, this pedal truly covers a vast sonic territory. The Run Ra..
    $200.00 $249.00
  • Mooer Liquid - Phaser
      The MOOER "Liquid" is a pocket sized Digital Phase pedal crammed full of cool features. The large control knob allows you to choose from 5 very different Phasers which range from subtle vintage phase to outright wacky and extreme modulation. After selecting which type of ..
  • Mooer Ninety Orange - Phaser
    Full analog circuit, warm, deep, rich phasing tone 2 Working Modes: Vintage/Modern     Vintage: 1974 vintage phasing tone, warm and psychedelic     Modern: Modern feeling phaser, rich and deep Mooer Audio Ninety Orange Phaser Features: ŸFull metal..
  • Option 5 Destination Stereo Phase
    The Destination Phase stereo phase shifter is constructed of all analog circuitry.  Sweet, swooshing, optical phasing hand built in the USA, how could you go wrong?  Endorsed by Jabo Bihlman of dUg Pinnick’s Grinder Blues. FEATURES INCLUDE All analog circuitry. True, p..
    $169.95 $199.95
  • Red Witch Deluxe Moon Phaser
    “…True to its name, the Moon Phaser produces a dramatic range of celestial effects with incredible 3D depth and movement. The sounds lurking in this box are magic”. (Tonequest Report V9. N4 February, 2008 “The Unmistakable Vibe of the UniVibe” Deluxe Moon Phaser)  The Deluxe Moon Phas..
    $240.00 $299.99