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  • Black Cat OD-Boost
    Dual channel overdrive/boost pedal that combines the Black Cat OD-1 with a clean boost circuit. Allows you to discover and explore the finest grades of raw, unprocessed dirt. No filter, no EQ… pure organic gain. The Black Cat OD-Boost is a dual channel overdrive/boost pedal that combines the ..
    $162.00 $195.00
  • Blackout Effectors Mantra Overdrive
    The Blackout Effectors Mantra Overdrive is equally capable of invoking the sacred sounds of a classically refined overdrive AND summoning wickedly raunchy drive, with more crunch on tap than the overdrive moniker usually entails. With such a wide palette of tones and character the ..
  • Bogner La Grange
    The La Grange pedal is designed to emulate the famous British "Plexi" amplifiers from the mid 60's. The wide variety of controls and switches, give you decades of legendary plexi tones, all the way up to the era of the modded amps from the late 80's and throughout the 90's.   An inde..
    $211.50 $249.99
  • Bogner Uberschall
    In 2001 Bogner launched the Uberschall amplifier. More than a decade later, Bogner still hand builds each one, right here in Los Angeles, California. Dubbed “Armageddon in a Box”, the ferocious Uberschall pedal derives its thunderous hi-gain tones from the notoriously brutal Bogner Uberschall amp..
    $211.50 $249.99
  • Bogner Wessex Overdrive
    Delivering classic low gain growl to rich modern scorch, the Bogner Wessex overdrive pedal with its 100% analog circuit gets its extraordinary dimensional range from a custom transformer designed by legendary audio pioneer Mr. Rupert Neve. Whether you want to give your clean amp some mu..
    $172.00 $229.99
  • Butler Audio Tube Driver
    This is my original TUBE DRIVER. I designed it in the early 1980s and Eric Johnson was one of my early customers. Thanks to his early endorsement as the creator of his famous "Violin Tone", my TUBE DRIVER has become a standard of many pro musicians the world over. I build a few of these per week ..
  • Butler Audio Tube Driver with Bias Knob
    Years ago, Eric Johnson requested that I install an extra pot in some of his Tube Drivers to help him match the tube response to his super critical hands and ears. My solution was to install a 5th control that controls the tube cathode current and enables him to ‘dial in’ the tube characteristics..
  • Caroline Guitar Co Haymaker - Dynamic Overdrive
    After implementing an overdrive preamp in our Kilobyte® Lo-Fi delay, we decided to finally make our ultimate overdrive engine, the Haymaker™. Prepare to be shocked at its character, range, versatility, and power. Easily capable of going from open, glassy flavors of boost to classic crunch sounds ..
  • Caroline Guitar Co Wave Cannon MKII - Superdistorter
    So, what IS the story on Wave Cannon® version 2.0, or as we’ve decided to call it, the Wave Cannon MKII Superdistorter? The long story short is that this thing is an unrepentant, unapologetic distortion pedal that is totally nasty and fun. This Cannon comes pre-loaded with balls (pun alert!) and ..
  • CAST Engineering Peace Drive
    This has been a very fun project working with Mike Zito. Mike had a very refined tone in his head that he wanted in this pedal and we nailed it per Mike. He also wanted a specific voicing in the Boost which has been achieved. The last thing we did was to add the order switching using a specific s..
    $235.00 $279.99
  • CAST Engineering Pulse Drive - Tremolo
    The PULSE DRIVE is our effort at creating THE best tremolo pedal possible. We took the most wonderful aspects of the best-loved and respected tremolo circuits/sounds from the records, studios, and stages of yesterday and combined them to create something we feel is truly special. This pedal conta..
    $153.00 $179.99
  • CAST Engineering Texas Flood - Overdrive
    The CAST Engineering TEXAS FLOOD Overdrive pedal started with the exact "TScreamer" circuit Cesar Diaz built for Stevie Ray. Then we went in and brought the bass back into balance so there is no typical low end loss. We also brought a bit more transparency and clarity to the circuit, and offered ..
    $170.00 $199.99