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  • Anasounds Savage MKII - Centaur Klone
    Presentation The Savage, a reissue of the legendary and compelling Klon Centaur! Always so warm and powerful, we have chosen to keep this vintage electronic structure to maximize tone and dynamics.   Settings The MKII model is presented in..
  • Ant Craft Camponotus - Overdrive
    During last 2 years we’ve been working on our new drive pedal Camponotus. After many experiments with different schematics and selection of components we came to the final version of the pedal. In process of constructing this pedal we invited different guitarists to try it, so we can consider all..
    $175.00 $220.00
  • Barber Direct Drive
    Measuring only 2.3” wide, the NEW Compact Direct Drive brings a colossal catalog of vintage British voice to your pedal-board. We packed the most desirable sounds of the Direct Drive, Direct Drive Low Gain (LG) and Super Sport into one clean and compact pedal. If you like the sound of the early U..
  • Barber Gain Changer
    Measuring only 2.3” wide, the NEW Barber Gain-Changer harnesses a vast spectrum of EQ and gain. Flick the toggle one way and you have sweet very low-gain overdrive, flick it the other way and you get wildly charged harmonic content of our much praised unLimiTeD distortion. Pop..
  • BearFoot FX Honey Bee Overdrive
    The Honey Bee  sounds and reacts like small vintage combos with nicely worn tubes and speakers. The Volume control controls the overall volume without changing the distortion. The Drive control varies the distortion complexity and saturation. The middle control adjusts the ‘natur..
  • BearFoot FX Model G
    The Model G captures the unique voice and response of an often overlooked brand of amps from the 50s/60s ~ the Gibsons that were right there at the beginning with Fender, Valco ,Vox and Marshall. Somewhere near the tweeds and supros but with a stronger and clearer voice, and a particular upp..
  • BearFoot FX Uber Bee Overdrive
    A long time coming, the Über Bee is finally here…the result of much research and feedback over the years. The Über Bee expands the range of the Honey Bee, while still hitting the classic Bee tones. If you are happy with your current Bee, then you probably don’t need the Über. But if you ever ..
  • Big Joe Classic Tube
    Texas Flood style grit with thick, chunky harmonic saturation. Two position toggle lets you engage speaker simulation circuitry that models speaker box loaded with large drivers giving you a more smoothed out frequency response. This box has more gain that the Vintage tube boxes and plenty of mid..
  • Big Joe Empire - Dual Overdrive
    Big Joe Stomp Box Company, in collaboration with Paul “TFO” Allen, announces the release of their dual-preamp EMPIRE overdrive pedal, complete with an Adjustable Buffer/Line Driver, unique Sponge/Firm modes, and innovative Body and Attack parameters.  FIRM/SPONGE: Extraordinary ..
  • Big Joe Hard Tube
    Steroid stack overdrive crunch with incredible sustain and harmonics. This box is pure metallic muscle. It has a full parametric EQ with a sweepable mid-frequency and an adjustable boost/cut control. It is tonally flexible and has all the gain you could ever want but, still maintains some chord a..
  • Big Joe Texas Screamer - Johnny Winter Signature Overdrive
    Developed in collaboration with Johnny Winter, the Big Joe Texas Screamer captures Johnny’s signature tone in a rugged, small foot print, 3-knob design pedal. The Texas Screamer is 100% analog with true bypass circuitry. With just 3 basic knobs: Gain, Tone and Output, it is simple to use and..
  • Big Joe Vintage Tube II
    Four tasty, tube amp profiles with different combinations of warmth, bark, bite and attack. You can move from buttery smooth to razor sharp, but like the B-403, this box is still all about pick attack and vintage tone. It is tonally flexible, but still very transparent and responsive. The harder ..