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  • Lone Wolf Blues Co The Boogieman - Harp Rig-In-A Box
    ABOUT Marko Balland is one of the most unique and talented harmonica players in the world, and Lone Wolf Blues Co. wanted to create something as equally over the top as his playing. The Boogieman is an ambitious pedal that features three of Lone Wolf's most popular circuits: the Harp Dela..
  • LunaStone True Overdrive 1
    True love is rare. And so is true overdrive that doesn’t just sound like tubes, but also behaves like tubes! A drive that you can ride steplessly with the volume knob on your guitar, going from sweet crunch to screaming mayhem without the obvious ‘change of mode’ that typically jumps in at a..
  • LunaStone True Overdrive 2
    TrueOverDrive 2 is as true to transparent and tube-like overdrive as the original TOD 1. Yet it adds a serious punch in the low end frequencies, creating a beefier tone that will fill any venue with warm and fat overdrive. Apart from that, TOD 2 is offering the same qualities and benefit..
  • Matthews Effects The Architect V1
    Featuring an intuitive interface, three-way clipping toggle and a top jack circuit design (much like the original Centuar), the Matthews Effects Architect pairs transparent overdrive muscle with a flexibility in drive character for a truly versatile effect. A standout in the Klone field that also..
    $152.00 $179.00
  • Matthews Effects The Architect V2
    The Architect Is a mythically inspired overdrive with improvements!   The gain structure has remained the same and acts as two separate knobs in one controlling the mix of a clean boost signal and a separate overdriven signal as well as turning up and down the gain of said overdriven..
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  • Matthews Effects The Cartographer – Parametric Overdrive
    Combining science, aesthetics, and technique to map out a vast array of tones and styles The Matthews Effects Cartographer gives you the tools to write your own story. With a wide range of tones available through the gain control go from a completely transparent clean boost, perfect for your elec..
  • McCaffrey Audio Zero To Sixty Drive
    The Zero To Sixty Drive is a combination of Ryan McCaffrey's favorite overdrive tones and features. He designed this pedal after building and modding numerous overdrive pedals. He tweaked this, tightened that, added this, dropped that and ended up here. He realized that he had multiple bouti..
    $120.00 $169.00
  • Mission Engineering Delta III - Tri-Stage Distortion
    The Mission Delta III is a flexible distortion pedal capable of a wide range of tones from boost, through TS style overdrive to fuzz. Delta III features a three transistor all analog audio circuit, and quiet digital switching. A high quality output buffer ensures compatibility with other pedals m..
  • MOJO Hand FX Bluebonnet Special
    This 3 knob version of the Bluebonnet Overdrive is a medium (to high) gain overdrive. Don’t let the pretty flowers fool you, it’s full of raunchy Texas tones (think BFG instead of SRV). It features Volume, Gain, and Tone controls, plus a 2 way toggle for different styles of clipping. Sweet Te..
    $150.00 $179.95
  • MOJO Hand FX Crosstown Fuzz
    *THIS IS AN ONLINE ONLY ITEM. NOT AVAILABLE AT GUITAR PEDAL SHOPPE'S PLYMOUTH MA LOCATION* The Crosstown Fuzz is a germanium/silicon hybrid Fuzz Face circuit that offers you more control, more flexibility, super low noise operation, and guaranteed stability. Our hand-picked combination of ger..
  • MOJO Hand FX DMBL Overdrive
    The DMBL is our take on what many consider to be the “Holy Grail of overdrive tones”. Rich in harmonic content with a spongy low end and growling mid range. The DMBL’s circuit is fine tuned with all of the elastic and touch responsive characteristics that helped make it’s inspiration legendary. ..
  • MOJO Hand FX Extra Special - Overdrive
    *THIS IS AN ONLINE ONLY ITEM. NOT AVAILABLE AT GUITAR PEDAL SHOPPE'S PLYMOUTH MA LOCATION*   The Extra Special takes the idea behind the highly successful Mojo Hand Fx DMBL and cranks it to eleven. The Extra Special excels at the medium to higher gain tones associated with those lege..