Electro-Harmonix Dual Expression

Brand: Electro-Harmonix
Product Code: Electro-Harmonix Dual Expression
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The Dual Expression allows you to simultaneously control two expression ready devices with one pedal. Each output of the Dual Expression features its own set of controls: separate TRS polarity buttons expand each outputs compatibility with other products while the separate Reverse buttons and Range knobs allow the musician to dial in a unique expression sweep for each half of the Dual Expression.



EXP 1/EXP 2 Jacks – Plug 1/4” TRS cables into these jacks. The other end of the cables should be connected to expression inputs on the devices you want to control. The Dual Expression ships from the factory with two 1/4” TRS cables. Under most circumstances standard, TS, 1/4” instrument cables will not work. The cables must be TRS.


REV Button – Reverses the sweep direction of the expression pedal. The standard sweep direction is achieved when the REV button is set to its OUT position: as you move from heel to toe the expression pedal sweeps from minimum to maximum. Push the REV button to its IN position to reverse this behavior: sweep from maximum to minimum as you move from heel to toe.


TRS +/- Button – Reverses the polarity of the TRS jack for expanded compatibility with other devices. In the OUT position: the internal potentiometer’s wiper is connected to the Tip of the TRS cable and the potentiometer’s maximum setting is connected to the Ring. Press IN TRS +/- to connect the wiper to the Ring of the TRS cable and the maximum setting to the Tip. The Sleeve of the TRS cable is always connected to the potentiometer’s minimum position. For EHX pedals, set this button to the OUT position. If you find the Dual Expression does not achieve a smooth sweep over the full range of the foot pedal, try changing the TRS +/- setting.


RANGE Knob – Adjusts the minimum setting of the expression pedal. As you turn RANGE towards 0, the minimum sweep setting moves towards the fixed maximum setting. For the full range, set this knob to 10.


Included: 2 x TRS Cables

Internal Potentiometer Impedance: 10kΩ


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