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  • AJ Peat Fat Peacock - Distortion Boost
    *THIS IS AN ONLINE ONLY ITEM. NOT AVAILABLE AT GUITAR PEDAL SHOPPE'S PLYMOUTH MA LOCATION*   Colorful British tone at its finest.   If you've been hunting for the tones of 1960's Plexis to the modern hi-gain vibes of the British Empire, this royal bird is for you! It pac..
  • AJ Peat Rooster Booster
    *THIS IS AN ONLINE ONLY ITEM. NOT AVAILABLE AT GUITAR PEDAL SHOPPE'S PLYMOUTH MA LOCATION*   There’s no other booster quite like the Rooster Booster!   AJ Peat’s Rooster Booster pedal showcases a signature volume boost and a controllable amount of gain via an internal tr..
  • Alexander Litho Boost
    The Litho Boost is based on the classic Pharaoh Amplifiers Class-A Boost pedal. The Class-A Boost was one of the original boutique boost pedals, with hundreds of dedicated users across the world. From time to time, Class-A Boost pedals have made their way back to our shop and we've been..
  • Analogman Beano Boost
    ***The Beano Boost in stock at Guitar Pedal Shoppe comes with a Boss-style power jack included, which accounts for the $10 upcharge for the pedal.  This is the Analog Man Beano Boost, a simple looking yet effective pedal. This pedal is based on the 1960s British Dallas Rangemast..
  • Analogman Bi-Compressor
    The Analogman Bi-Compressor is a two-in one classic pedal from Analogman that includes both their Juicer and Comprossor circuits inside. They recently improved this pedal with their Rev4 circruit.  In April, 2013 we came out with REV4, which improved the COMPROSSOR (left side of BICOMP) ..
  • Anasounds Freq Up - Clean Boost & Overdrive
    Description Need to push your amp? have an overdrive you want to boost into heavier gain? Need to stand out in the mix on certain lines or solos? The Anasounds Freq Up will do it all! This is a boost where we find simultaneously a transparant and clean ..
  • Black Cat OD-Boost
    Dual channel overdrive/boost pedal that combines the Black Cat OD-1 with a clean boost circuit. Allows you to discover and explore the finest grades of raw, unprocessed dirt. No filter, no EQ… pure organic gain. The Black Cat OD-Boost is a dual channel overdrive/boost pedal that combines the ..
    $162.00 $195.00
  • Bogner La Grange
    The La Grange pedal is designed to emulate the famous British "Plexi" amplifiers from the mid 60's. The wide variety of controls and switches, give you decades of legendary plexi tones, all the way up to the era of the modded amps from the late 80's and throughout the 90's.   An inde..
    $211.50 $249.99
  • CAST Engineering Peace Drive
    This has been a very fun project working with Mike Zito. Mike had a very refined tone in his head that he wanted in this pedal and we nailed it per Mike. He also wanted a specific voicing in the Boost which has been achieved. The last thing we did was to add the order switching using a specific s..
    $235.00 $279.99
  • Chase Bliss Audio Brothers - Analog Gainstage
    Boost. Drive. Fuzz. Not necessarily in that order. Designed in collaboration with Resonant Electronic™, Brothers™ is built upon two independent JFET / IC analog channels comprising a total of six unique boost, drive, or fuzz circuits in one small enclosure. The pedal can be routed in thirty-t..
  • Coppersound Pedals Foxcatcher - Overdrive & Boost
    Foxcatcher is the result of six month of trial and study. After a variety of breadboard builds and circuit explorations, we finally decided to clear the breadboard and start with a circuit that we loved, the Bluesbreaker. From there, we began changing and adding to the base circuit. The first of ..
  • Coppersound Pedals Gravity Bomb - Clean Boost
    Gravity Bomb Newton’s First law meets the second World War. This mini boost is the reincarnation of our discontinued Smoke Monster. There are a lot of great mini boost pedals out there, but we wanted to do ours a little different. Instead of using transistors, we utilized a studio grade op-a..