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  • Devi Ever FX Bit : Legend of Fuzz
    With enough attack to be tried in court, the Bit : Legend of Fuzz brings you both incredible saw tooth fuzz and a trip back in time with 16 bit audio tones. Controlling this unholy abomination with the magnitude knob will yield different results from Atari Video Games, to distorted grow..
  • Devi Ever FX Dark Boost
    We know you’ve all dreamed of having a fist made of the distant sound of thunder (also that other dream with your high school English teacher but don’t worry, our lips are sealed… HIGH FIVE), so we’ve made that dream a reality with the Dark Boost! Make that single coil strat sound like a Jaz..
  • Devi Ever FX Goddess Zero
    Since God rested on the 7th day, someone had to pick up the slack and create a gift to man known as the Goddess Zero. A well-rounded octave fuzz with a nice subtle tone, this pedal provides a sound that still produces the tone you’ve come to love from us, but also doesn’t overpower. ..
  • Devi Ever FX Hyperion
    The Hyperion makes me angry. Angry the way roses and kitties make me angry. So beautiful, yet below the surface so unforgiving. This pedal has been described as the “Big Muff” killer, and who am I to argue with other people say about my pedals. I hardly get to use them as much as I like, and when..
  • Devi Ever FX Mega Gazer
    The Devi Ever Mega Gazer is everything a duel fuzz should be. It has the Torn's Peaker fuzz on the left side and the famous Soda Meiser fuzz on the right side, both with extra features including pregain, starve, ground, and a chaos switch. While each side can be used on its own, there is also a m..
  • Devi Ever FX Ruiner
    You know that sound that all UFO abductees claim to have heard before they were ripped up into the night sky to be experimented on? That low bass growl that still haunts their dreams? Well now you can enjoy blasting it out of your amps with the strum of your fingers! The Ruiner is a bass ..
  • Devi Ever FX Shoe Gazer Fuzz
    the shoe gazer offers you fuzz that is more along the lines of jack white meets frank black with a bit of machina from the smashing pumpkins and noise chaos that hisses and sputters to beautiful fuzz that roars and sings with clarity. second footswitch engages second layer of fuzz. second layer f..
  • Devi Ever FX Soda Meiser
    At lower magnitude the Soda Meiser has a great Big Muff like quality but with a lot more character. At higher magnitude, it becomes disharmonic fuzz bliss that reminds many of the Ampeg Scrambler. People have compared the sound of this circuit to that of the Smashing Pumpkins and Jeff Buckley..
  • Devi Ever FX Torn's Peaker
    The Torn’s Peaker is fuzz LOVE.. this is fuzz with ALL the flaws.. all the little grime and compression and unclean, ungodly, unholy sounds that distorted wave forms originated from!!! Sliced up speaker cones over-driven pre-amps on mixing boards of the 50s sessions recorded directly to vinyl bef..