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  • CAST Engineering Casper - Delay
    The Casper brings you classic analog delay tones in a compact, digital pedal. Simple and to the point yet extremely dynamic and versatile. Designed to please any delay fan out there, tonally and visually. Our analog signal path flows through a custom tuned echo processor with a wide variety of so..
  • CAST Engineering Gypsy Haze - Octave Fuzz
    Octave-up fuzz is an effect that’s almost as old as pedals themselves. Utilizing a transformer, it was drastically different from its contemporaries and was instantly recognizable. The logical evolution of that design is the Gypsy Haze from Cast Engineering. The Gypsy Haze is a highly-tuned v..
  • CAST Engineering Peace Drive
    This has been a very fun project working with Mike Zito. Mike had a very refined tone in his head that he wanted in this pedal and we nailed it per Mike. He also wanted a specific voicing in the Boost which has been achieved. The last thing we did was to add the order switching using a specific s..
  • CAST Engineering Pulse Drive - Tremolo
    The PULSE DRIVE is our effort at creating THE best tremolo pedal possible. We took the most wonderful aspects of the best-loved and respected tremolo circuits/sounds from the records, studios, and stages of yesterday and combined them to create something we feel is truly special. This pedal conta..
  • CAST Engineering Texas Flood - Overdrive
    The CAST Engineering TEXAS FLOOD Overdrive pedal started with the exact "TScreamer" circuit Cesar Diaz built for Stevie Ray. Then we went in and brought the bass back into balance so there is no typical low end loss. We also brought a bit more transparency and clarity to the circuit, and offered ..