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  • BA Ferguson Classic Class SMT Yellow
      Now you can get a boutique guitar for under $1500!!!  All handmade and entirely in South Carolina by BA Ferguson Guitars!  Characterized by a full thickness solid alder body, a bolt-on quartersawn maple neck with heel contour and katalox fretboard, si..
  • BA Ferguson SMT Pecan Limited - Guitar
    This Limited Edition BA Ferguson SMT Pecan Guitar is GORGEOUS! The guitar is almost as fun to look at as it is to play! The reclaimed pecan top guitar is one half of the "matching sisters", the other is the amazing Unitas Grifter Deluxe Limited. Specifications: Body: Mahogany w/Spalted P..
  • Cusack Screamer Fuzz V2
    This pedal includes all of the great tone of the Cusack Screamer (minus the actual “Tone” knob) and adds a very unique kind of Fuzz. With the fuzz all the way down, it’s like a screamer with the tone at noon. With the screamer all the way down, it’s a gnarly fuzz pedal. You can get a really cool ..
  • Cusack Screamer V2
    Clarity of Distortion! The Cusack Screamer is the first real inovation in the “screamer” market. Yes it’s a Tube Screamer copy, but it’s much more than that. The Cusack Screamer is a “clean” overdrive with about twice the gain of a typical tube screamer. It offers much more clarity than a..
  • Cusack Sweet Verb
    Introducing the Cusack Music Sweet Verb. Go from a bit springy to big cave with the twist of the Size knob. Separate Wet and Dry controls allow for as much or as little of each signal as you want.  Also featured is a Texture knob to adjust the tone of the reverb signal, and of course our Tru..
  • Sublime Guitar Co Millennia Standard Vintage Sunburst Blem
    Note: This is a blem guitar.  The guitar functions perfectly, the only blem is the binding has some slight discoloration in it.  The last two pics are the EXACT guitar you will receive.  If you look at the neck binding you will see the blem.  Only the one playing it will notic..
  • Unitas Guitars Grifter C-Class
      The Unitas Guitars Classic Class series is made in the USA with quality parts, the build process has been streamlined allowing the cost to be lowered.  These guitars look and play beautifully...without the boutique price!  This particular version is blue with a white pick gua..