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  • Pre-Owned JHS Pulp N Peel V3 - Compressor
    ***This is a pre-owned item. It is in excellent condition with velcro on the back. Please note that the description below is for V4 of this pedal, but all videos demonstrate V3 like the one listed. The Pulp ‘N’ Peel V4 is the truly transparent compressor pedal you’ve been hoping for and much ..
  • Alexander Amnesia Vintage Delay Machine
    The Amnesia is carefully tweaked to bring back the vintage tone and response of three distinct analog delay units. So strap in — it’s about to get murky.  Controls: TIME - adjust the delay time from 10ms to 900ms. REPEAT - controls the feedback of the delay. ..
  • Alexander Chesapeake - Stereo Chorus Vibrato
    Warning: Those who venture too far into the depths of the Chesapeake may be overcome by the harmonic waves and slip into a swirling, dream-like euphoria. Swim at your own risk. Controls: Rate (Level) — Adjusts the rate of modulation from a slow swirl to a rapid flutter.  Turning this..
  • Alexander Equilibrium - Tremolo and Vibrato
    The Equilibrium takes us back to a time when cars had fins like rocket ships and guitar amps were simple circuits that sounded pure, awesome — and modulated. Controls: Rate — Adjusts the rate of modulation from a slow pulse to a rapid flutter. Depth — Controls the amount of ..
  • Alexander Equilibrium DLX - Tremolo and Vibrato
    The Equilibrium DLX is our updated vintage modulation pedal - evoking the buttery, sputtery, wobbly sounds of yesteryear,  While the Equilibrium DLX sounds completely vintage, it crams all the "mod cons" into a pedalboard-friendly package. Controls: Rate (Level) — Adjusts t..
  • Alexander F.13 Flanger
    Alien mojo meets military tech, circa 1958.  The F.13 Flanger is Alexanders take on space junk stolen from Area 51 and put into the service of rock 'n' roll.  Equal parts science, art, weapon and instrument, the F.13 generates interplanetary flange never heard in this galaxy or any..
  • Alexander Golden Summer - Reverb & Delay
    This is the sound of a never-ending summer.  Those nights when it was light out until 10 and your mom called you home from the back door.  Skinned knees, fireflies in a jar and the smell of magnolia trees.  Just let the nostalgia wash over you. Controls: Reverb — Adjus..
  • Alexander History Lesson Vol. 2 - Delay
    Go back to school with your guide to three decades of delay.  The History Lesson Vol.II is majoring in Echo with a minor in Modulation. The History Lesson Vol.II is our loving homage to the best echoes the past has to offer.  We’ve updated the pedal with stereo outputs, an improved ..
  • Alexander Litho Boost
    The Litho Boost is based on the classic Pharaoh Amplifiers Class-A Boost pedal. The Class-A Boost was one of the original boutique boost pedals, with hundreds of dedicated users across the world. From time to time, Class-A Boost pedals have made their way back to our shop and we've been..
  • Alexander Oblivion - Vintage Delay
    The Oblivion is our exploration of what exists in the darkest corners of the sonic universe. Tread lightly. Or for more fun — don't.  Bypass / Preset - Tap to bypass the pedal, hold down to select the next preset. Tap / Save - Tap to set the delay time, hold down to save the current ..
  • Alexander Princess Clang Royal Overdrive
    Wrap your tone in the resplendent robes of royalty and claim the throne for your own with the Princess Clang.  Crank it up, sing the song of your kingdom and let her name ring out.  Finally, you can find your Princess here and not in another castle! Princess Clang 2015 production is..
  • Alexander Radical Delay
    The Radical Delay is a re-imagining of the crystal-clear digital delay sounds of the 1980’s — with some modern twists. So grab your hover board and pump up your Reeboks, because we’re about to turn back the clock. Time — Adjusts the maximum delay time from 10ms to 900ms. Repeat ..