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  • Anasounds Phase Lag - OTA Phaser (w/ Vibe, Vibrato & Trem)
    The Anasounds Phase Lag - OTA Phaser is one of the best Phaser pedals on the market!  This thing sounds so organic and smooth that you will think you are dreaming while playing it!  As an added bonus, you can also get Vibe, Vibrato and Tremolo tones by simply altering the internal ..
  • Animals Pedal Car Crush - Chorus / Vibe
    There was a psychedelic sound born in the chaotic world of the late 60s. That sound has been supported by a unique modulation effects pedal from Japan.   It’s a waving, quivering sort of sound. The heavy tones revolve around while jolting quickly. The sounds coming from this mysterio..
  • BearFoot FX Mint Green Mini Vibe
    A long time ago Bjorn fell in love with an undulating sound he heard on an old organ and vowed to get that sound for his guitar. The Mint Green Mini Vibe was born. The BearFoot circuit and color are an exact match to the BJFe original.  Or for an additional $50 grab a limited e..
  • Black Cat Vibe
    Considered by many to be the best Univibe recreation ever made. Current Black Cat Vibe users include Lenny Kravitz and Elliott Randall. The Black Cat Vibe was the flagship of the original Black Cat product line. It garnered a reputation among many as the best Univibe recreation ever made, and..
  • CAST Engineering Pulse Drive - Tremolo
    The PULSE DRIVE is our effort at creating THE best tremolo pedal possible. We took the most wonderful aspects of the best-loved and respected tremolo circuits/sounds from the records, studios, and stages of yesterday and combined them to create something we feel is truly special. This pedal conta..
    $153.00 $179.99
  • Catalinbread Pareidolia - Harmonic Mesmerizer
    The Catalinbread Pareidolia Harmonic Mesmerizer is based on the vibrato found in early 60’s Brownface Fender amplifiers… The big ones like the Twin, Pro and Concert amps featured this unique, yet complex vibrato circuit. These days folks get hung up on Fender’s use of the word Vibrato (frequency ..
  • Coppersound Pedals Polaris - Chorus & Vibrato
    Meet Polaris Polaris is a chorus/vibrato inspired by the original EHX Small Clone. A Small Clone chorus pedal has resided in the shoppe since it’s inception. With it’s smooth modulation and simple controls, it was a great starting point. At the heart of Polaris resides an MN3007 BBD chip..
  • DryBell Footswitch F-1L
    The F-1L Footswitch is a new accessory for the Vibe Machine V-2 pedal. It is designed for multliple purposes, specifically for the V-2: Tap Tempo, Leslie FAST/SLOW mode, Two Speed mode or to engage the Cancel function. It is a simple latching footswitch wired tip to sleeve. Naturally, it can be u..
  • DryBell Vibe Machine V-2
    The Vibe Machine™ series – the world’s first smallest vibe pedal. Even in its little box it retains all the features of the classic Uni-Vibe® – small in size, big on sound! When you switch the Vibe Machine V-2 on, your guitar melts into a swirling three dimensional space inhabited by chewy vibe h..
  • Earthquaker Devices The Depths - Optical Vibe Machine
    The Depths is our take on the classic optical vibe circuit. It creates a lush, phasing pulse which delivers a three-dimensional swirling sound. The Depths has been optimized to work well with all types of instrument, pickup types and to play well with dirt. With its “Voice” and “Throb” controls, ..
  • Electro-Harmonix Good Vibes Modulator - UniVibe
    The Good Vibes recaptures the iconic chorus/vibrato effect of the 1960s in an updated pedal with features designed to meet the needs of the modern player. Like the original Uni-Vibe®, it uses photocells to create chorus and vibrato with a warm, undulating, liquid groove for a sound and response t..
  • J Rockett Audio Designs Tranquilizer Phase/Vibe
    The new Tranquilizer Phase/Vibe is a swirly machine. One of our favorite effects of old was the original phase 45. We always thought it was more musical than the 90 and less “in your face”. We started out to make a recreation but then discovered features we needed. The tranquilizer is capable of ..