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  • Alexander History Lesson Vol. 2 - Delay
    Go back to school with your guide to three decades of delay.  The History Lesson Vol.II is majoring in Echo with a minor in Modulation. The History Lesson Vol.II is our loving homage to the best echoes the past has to offer.  We’ve updated the pedal with stereo outputs, an improved ..
  • Alexander Oblivion - Vintage Delay
    The Oblivion is our exploration of what exists in the darkest corners of the sonic universe. Tread lightly. Or for more fun — don't.  Bypass / Preset - Tap to bypass the pedal, hold down to select the next preset. Tap / Save - Tap to set the delay time, hold down to save the current ..
  • Alexander Radical Delay II+ - Digital Delay
    We stuck our classic ‘80s flavored delay in the Betamax and fast-forwarded to the good part. But instead of an eyeful of Phoebe Cates, we discovered the Radical Delay II+.   The sound you love with more reasons to love it, like updated cosmetics and built-in tap tempo.   ..
  • Alexander Super Radical Delay
    The Super Radical Delay takes everything we love about the 80s and pumps up the volume. It's like ALF, Peter Venkman and Undead Michael Jackson hijacked the A-Team Van for an Excellent Adventure with Iceman Val Kilmer — all to a soundtrack of Bon Jovi and that song from Dirty Dancing. Strap in. I..
  • Alexander Tap II
    Tap Tempo switch for Radical Delay II+. Also works with Super Radical Delay, Oblivion, Chesapeake, History Lesson Vol. II, History Lesson, Equilibrium DLX. Normally-open momentary footswitch works with all Alexander Pedals that support remote control.   Controls the following..
  • Anasounds Utopia - Tape Echo with Modulation
    Features The Anasounds Utopia is a tape echo pedal followed by a modulation with variable speed and depth. Echoes and filtering applied allow you to find a very warm and vintage sound. Calibrated for echoes from 0 to 400ms (can go up to 600ms with internal adj..
  • Bananana Effects Tararira - Arpeggiator
    TARARIRA is a small multifunction arpeggiator pedal. Sequenced pitch shifting make new sounds never heard before. Features: ・8 selectable scales ・Major / Minor toggle by the left switch(in scale #1-5) ・hold the tone to be pitch shifted by the left switch(in scale #6-8) ・se..
  • Catalinbread Belle Epoch Deluxe Tape Echo
    The original Belle Epoch was, to put it bluntly, a triumph. It was an all-digital recreation of the Maestro Echoplex that sounded, by and large, like the original unit. But it was digital! Gasp! How can that be? Well, noted tone snob Eric Johnson had not one, but two on his board, set slightly di..
  • Catalinbread Belle Epoch Tape Echo
    Belle Epoch: At a Glance Based on the epic EP-3 tape echo. 80-ms-800ms of real-time adjustable delay. Go from a single repeat to self-oscillations. Dial in a variety of wow/flutter tape modulation. 100% wet/dry mix & record level control. Tape Aut..
  • Catalinbread Echorec Multi Tap Echo
    Echorec: At a Glance Based on the legendary Binson Echorec. 12 programs give you every head combination possible. 40-ms-1000ms delay time, 100% wet/dry mix. Tone control can be deep and resonant or bright and chirpy. Trails or True Bypass modes Internal..
  • Catalinbread Octapussy - Octave Fuzz
    A frisky take on an old classic octave fuzz, huge range and blooming sonic textures The Octapussy is essentially, an octave-up fuzz in the tradition of the Octavia. But it’s not a clone of that circuit! Nope, it’s an original circuit utilizing 3 silicon transistors and two diodes that takes t..
  • Chase Bliss Audio Tonal Recall - Analog Delay
    The Chase Bliss Audio Tonal Recall is an unprecedented, modern approach to the classic, analog delay sound. Designed by Chase Bliss owner Joel Korte, this pedal features an all-analog signal path and digital controls that will give users the ability to effortlessly move from a simulated..