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  • Red Witch Eve Tremolo
    Shy and coy, Eve’s tremolo tone is delicate, musical and hypnotic. Able to offer everything from a light pulse to a deep throb, Eve encapsulates the idea of a simple, super musical sounding trem. Seven years in conception and finally realized in 2011, Eve’s siblings: the Seven S..
  • Red Witch Grace Compressor
    If you’ve looked all your life for a truly beautiful, simple compressor your search is over. From subtle to bold, soft to firm, Grace Compressor delivers players a remarkably versatile device in a super small package. Seven years in conception and finally realized in 2011, Grace’s si..
  • Red Witch Ivy Distortion
    Sister midnight, the wild child…. the sister you’d outwardly scorn but inwardly covet. A high gain Metal priestess of the first order. The black sheep of the family, rumored to be in league with you know who….. Seven years in conception and finally realized in 2011, Ivy’s siblings: the ..
  • Red Witch Lily Clean Boost
    Lily is simply the boost to end all boosts – a truly transparent, tone retaining, desert island clean boost pedal.   The pure sister – offering a gorgeous clean boost. She can deliver the gentlest of volume lifts or unleash a colossal, amplifier melting wave of gain. Simply conne..
  • Red Witch Ruby Fuzz
    Closer to her sister Ivy than any of the other sisters, she can dance the line between silky soft fuzz and an all consuming tidal wave of sonic saturation. Think Hendrix at Berklee in 1970. Two simple controls allow the user to dial a remarkably varied number of different tones from gorge..
  • Red Witch Scarlett Overdrive
    The passionate redhead. She delivers smooth creamy break up with delicious front end clarity. When you need an uncluttered, concise overdrive, come and knock on Scarlett’s door. Seven years in conception and finally realized in 2011, Scarlett’s siblings: the Seven Sisters, are a revolut..
  • Red Witch Violet Delay
    Never judge a book by her cover. This sweet, demure sister hides, within her tiny frame, a massive delay (800m/s).  Possibly the most petite 800m/s delay in the world… Seven years in conception and finally realized in 2011, Violet’s siblings: the Seven Sisters, are a revolutionary ne..
  • Red Witch Violetta Delay
    Original Chrome Series Expand your sound without shrinking your wallet. Quite possibly the most versatile and coolest little delay pedal ever built. Our new Violetta Delay, the first in the Original Chrome Series, offers a myriad of stunning features: 1000m/sec of delay time – from the ..
  • Source Audio Programmable EQ
    The Source Audio Programmable EQ is a thoroughly modern and highly streamlined upgrade to traditional equalizer pedals. This compact, rugged, cast aluminum stompbox provides quick, hands-free access to four different user programmed EQ settings. Whatever your instrument, playing style, or genre, ..
  • Walrus Audio Contraband Fuzz
    Having ruled that fuzz distorts reality and amplifies the truth, a future dystopian nation outlawed fuzz decades ago because its effects on children and families in the past were undesirable. But rumor has it that someone is smuggling fuzz — the most-coveted contraband — back into circulation. ..