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  • Alexander Super Radical Delay
    The Super Radical Delay takes everything we love about the 80s and pumps up the volume. It's like ALF, Peter Venkman and Undead Michael Jackson hijacked the A-Team Van for an Excellent Adventure with Iceman Val Kilmer — all to a soundtrack of Bon Jovi and that song from Dirty Dancing. Strap in. I..
  • Alexander Tap II
    Tap Tempo switch for Radical Delay II+. Also works with Super Radical Delay, Oblivion, Chesapeake, History Lesson Vol. II, History Lesson, Equilibrium DLX. Normally-open momentary footswitch works with all Alexander Pedals that support remote control.   Controls the following..
  • Anasounds Bitoun - Octave Doubled Fuzz
    «Fuzz if life», as the great man once said. Few guitarists have applied that motto with as much gusto as Julien Bitoun, the famous French fuzzophile who wrote the classic «Raiders of the lost fuzz». Since that magic effect appeated at the dawn of the sixties, the quest for the ultimate fuzz has..
  • Anasounds Bumper - Custom Buffer
    The Anasounds Bumper is a really small pedal but is full of several cool tricks! This buffer recovers all your pure tone, is transparent and let's you change your guitar's pickup tone with the external toggle!   ..
  • Anasounds Freq Up - Clean Boost & Overdrive
    Description Need to push your amp? have an overdrive you want to boost into heavier gain? Need to stand out in the mix on certain lines or solos? The Anasounds Freq Up will do it all! This is a boost where we find simultaneously a transparant and clean ..
  • Bananana Effects Matryoshka - Bass Synth
    MATRYOSHKA is a compact yet powerful bass synth pedal that has 8 selectable modes.   This pedal detect your input pitch and envelope and produce fat synth sound. This pedal can output 2 types of synth sounds simultaneously. out1: Normal synth sound that has deeper tone than ..
  • Bananana Effects Nirvanana - Guitar Synth Generator
    NIRVANANA is a chaotic guitar synth pedal. It can generate  1 to 4 (!) octaves.  The tracking speed can be selected by a 3-way toggle switch on the right side. (FAST, MID, SLOW)  When the switch position is MID or SLOW, the pitch will bend down as soon as your playing note st..
  • Big Joe Power Box 2K PB-106
    The Big Joe Stompbox Company Power Box 2K is a 2000 mA isolated output Power Supply with (4) 500 mA output blocks, and (12) switchable 9v, 12, and 18v outputs. Multi-color LED indicators make it easy to see switch selections, and a convenient USB charging jack lets you power other portable device..
  • Big Joe Power Box Lithium PB-107
    The new Big Joe Stompbox Company Power Box Lithium is a portable, small footprint rechargeable; 9v 500ma Lithium Battery based power supply capable of powering multiple pedals, pedal boards and high current draw guitar effects. Innovative, Smart Battery technology provides visual indication of cu..
  • Big Joe Power Box PB-101
    Isolated power is the best way to protect your signal path from unwanted noise and interference. The Big Joe Power Box provides eight Isolated, noise free, 9v  DC power outputs: six 100mA and two 300mA.  Various switch combinations allow 12V and 18V outputs options. Two of the outputs a..
  • Big Joe PS-205 9v 100mA Power Adapter
    Big Joe Stomp Box Company PS-205 9v 100mA DC pedal power supply. This is the standard Boss type supply that will fit most pedals. ..
  • Black Cat Bass Octave Fuzz
    A modern recreation of the rare and valuable Maestro Bass Brassmaster… Not for the faint of heart! Current users include Chris Squire, Trevor Horn, Chris Maresh (Eric Johnson), and Glenn Hughes. The Black Cat Bass Octave Fuzz is a modern recreation of the rare and valuable Maestro Bass Brassm..