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  • Anasounds Bitoun - Octave Doubled Fuzz
    «Fuzz if life», as the great man once said. Few guitarists have applied that motto with as much gusto as Julien Bitoun, the famous French fuzzophile who wrote the classic «Raiders of the lost fuzz». Since that magic effect appeated at the dawn of the sixties, the quest for the ultimate fuzz has..
  • Bananana Effects Nirvanana - Guitar Synth Generator
    NIRVANANA is a chaotic guitar synth pedal. It can generate  1 to 4 (!) octaves.  The tracking speed can be selected by a 3-way toggle switch on the right side. (FAST, MID, SLOW)  When the switch position is MID or SLOW, the pitch will bend down as soon as your playing note st..
  • BIG EAR n.y.c. CHAKA - Octave Fuzz
    The BIG EAR n.y.c. CHAKA is THE octave fuzz. Of course, with the octave effect is on it's own footswitch, he can also be one of the meanest stand-alone fuzz pedals you've ever heard. And don't worry about that classic "I lost all my low end" problem.  That won't happen with CHAKA.  ..
  • Black Cat Bass Octave Fuzz
    A modern recreation of the rare and valuable Maestro Bass Brassmaster… Not for the faint of heart! Current users include Chris Squire, Trevor Horn, Chris Maresh (Eric Johnson), and Glenn Hughes. The Black Cat Bass Octave Fuzz is a modern recreation of the rare and valuable Maestro Bass Brassm..
  • Blackout Effectors Crystal Dagger Octave Fuzz Phaser Ring Mod
    Blackout Effectors Crystal Dagger In the world of guitar effects pedals, there are not many that stand out as unique any moreuntil now. The all new Blackout Effectors Crystal Dagger is what happens when a pseudo-Octavia fuzz and a ring modulator make sweet, sweet love. Th..
  • Blackout Effectors Whetstone Phaser
    Blackout Effectors Whetstone Analog Phaser The Blackout Effectors Whetstone Analog Phaser is a OTA based phaser pedal that combines old school circuit design with enough knobs and switches to control every parameter possible. Put all that into a industrial strength metal case and you have a s..
  • Caroline Guitar Co Shigeharu - Fuzz
    Tired of your fuzz getting lost in the mix? Wish you could just pour molten sonic gravy from your speakers? Imagine classic Muff-style fuzziness with the punch of a classic overdrive, and you have Shigeharu™. Using a cascading hybrid of op-amp and BC184 transistor gain stages, Shige..
  • Catalinbread Octapussy - Octave Fuzz
    A frisky take on an old classic octave fuzz, huge range and blooming sonic textures The Octapussy is essentially, an octave-up fuzz in the tradition of the Octavia. But it’s not a clone of that circuit! Nope, it’s an original circuit utilizing 3 silicon transistors and two diodes that takes t..
  • Cusack SubFuzz
    SubFuzz is a combo sub-octave generator and fuzz, like the old Blue Boxes, but with super-fast tracking and three octaves settings. That’s up to three octaves below the note you’re playing. Seriously. Controls: Volume Mix (dry/sub) Tone Fuzz 3-way toggle (1 octave / 3 octaves / 2 ..
  • Devi Ever FX Goddess Zero
    Since God rested on the 7th day, someone had to pick up the slack and create a gift to man known as the Goddess Zero. A well-rounded octave fuzz with a nice subtle tone, this pedal provides a sound that still produces the tone you’ve come to love from us, but also doesn’t overpower. ..
  • Dwarfcraft Devices Pitch Grinder
    The Pitch Grinder is a sequenced pitch shifter.  Our first foray into the digital realm, the PG smashes your signal down into 8 bits of mayhem, and then tosses them up and down in pitch, in intervals of your choosing. The Pitchgrinder is ready for action! We have eight tunable stages, la..
  • Dwarfcraft Devices She Fuzz
    Squeel! Grind! Retch! Grooooooooove. What seems like a long time ago, I tried to make a normal fuzz. That didn’t last long. While the She Fuzz does do a couple familiar sounds, a nice beefy powerchordy type of fighitn’ fuzz, and a snotty octave up, I found it much more exciting to get odd sou..