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  • Bogner Ecstasy Red
    The Ecstasy amplifier was born in 1992 and decades later Bogner is still hand building each amp, one at a time, right here in Los Angeles, California. The Ecstasy red pedal captures the mystical red channel tone of this legendary amplifier, famous for its incendiary higher gain cru..
    $255.00 $299.99
  • Barber Gain Changer
    Measuring only 2.3” wide, the NEW Barber Gain-Changer harnesses a vast spectrum of EQ and gain. Flick the toggle one way and you have sweet very low-gain overdrive, flick it the other way and you get wildly charged harmonic content of our much praised unLimiTeD distortion. Pop..
  • Beetronics Overhive - Custom Paint
    ***This is a custom painted item. It is one of a kind and once it's gone, it's gone. Grab it while you can!   The Overhive is an extremely versatile medium gain overdrive. It’s round and warm tone respects your amp, enhancing it’s best qualities while dynamically reacting to your pl..
  • Beetronics Overhive - Overdrive
    The Overhive is an extremely versatile medium gain overdrive. It’s round and warm tone respects your amp, enhancing it’s best qualities while dynamically reacting to your playing. This pedal achieves the elusive mid-gain overdrive without making you feel a disconnect between you and your amp...
  • Big Joe Classic Tube
    Texas Flood style grit with thick, chunky harmonic saturation. Two position toggle lets you engage speaker simulation circuitry that models speaker box loaded with large drivers giving you a more smoothed out frequency response. This box has more gain that the Vintage tube boxes and plenty of mid..
  • Big Joe Hard Tube
    Steroid stack overdrive crunch with incredible sustain and harmonics. This box is pure metallic muscle. It has a full parametric EQ with a sweepable mid-frequency and an adjustable boost/cut control. It is tonally flexible and has all the gain you could ever want but, still maintains some chord a..
  • Bogner Burnley Distortion
    The Bogner Burnley is a distortion pedal with a 100% analog circuit which delivers hot crunch to high-gain annihilation - with added tonal magnitude - thanks to a custom transformer designed by legendary audio pioneer Mr Rupert Neve. Flip the Fat/Tight switch, twist the gain, tone and level ..
    $172.00 $229.99
  • Bogner Uberschall
    In 2001 Bogner launched the Uberschall amplifier. More than a decade later, Bogner still hand builds each one, right here in Los Angeles, California. Dubbed “Armageddon in a Box”, the ferocious Uberschall pedal derives its thunderous hi-gain tones from the notoriously brutal Bogner Uberschall amp..
    $211.50 $249.99
    4953 Medium Light:  .012 .016 .024 .032 .042 .054 Our expansive model range of strings are custom wound to exacting specifications for a variety of tension types. Each set has been carefully designed and tested to provide a consistent range of tone and clarity delivering rich, pronounced..
  • Classic Audio Effects Stumphouse - Drive Roller
    Reinventing The Way You Think About Overdrives! Introducing the brand new Classic Audio Effects Stumphouse Drive The Stumphouse Drive is a medium gain overdrive that works perfectly as a primary overdrive. However in a crowded market of overdrive pedals, the stumphouse introduces a fun ne..
  • Cleartone Medium Electric 11-48
    Well, let me tell you that Cleartone Strings are far from coated strings you’ve used in the past. Cleartone Strings feature a patented and award winning treatment that is less than one micron thin yet withstands the hardest of strumming. That means none of the flakes, slippery feel or dead tone t..
  • Curt Mangan 12-54 Phosphor Bronze Acoustic Strings
    Phosphor Bronze wound strings were introduced in the early Seventies and have become the most popular acoustic string. Phosphor bronze wire is made from approximately 92% copper, 7% zinc and 1% phosphorous. Phosphor Bronze provides nice highs and lows with pleasant subtle overtones. Phosphorous i..