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  • AJ Peat Dirty Buzzard - Overdrive Fuzz Distortion
    *THIS IS AN ONLINE ONLY ITEM. NOT AVAILABLE AT GUITAR PEDAL SHOPPE'S PLYMOUTH MA LOCATION*   The Dirty Buzzard is the master of the desert skies!   The Dirty Buzzard is a Hybrid transistor tone monster, with NOS Germanium and Silicon transistors all stacked and packed un..
  • Analog Alien Alien Bass Station - Multieffect
    The Alien Bass Station, or ABS for short, is a multi effects pedal that we designed specifically for bass players who are looking to shape and control their sound in both live and studio situations. This unique one of a kind pedal combines three essential effects that all bass players should have..
    $319.00 $399.00
  • Analog Alien Alien Twister - Fuzz
    The Alien Twister  has touched down, and according to preliminary reports it has all the makings of an F-5 Tornato! The Alien Twister is a Fuzz, Distortion, Overdrive pedal  with a built in buffer. The Twister comes in a cloth satchel and is packed in it’s own branded wooden box and inc..
    $175.00 $219.00
  • Analog Alien Fuzzbubble-45 - Overdrive Fuzz
    Overdrive The OD side is designed to sound like a vintage tube amp from the 60’s and 70’s. These tones have become legendary in the minds of all rock guitar players. The controls are very simple and straight forward. The output knob controls the effected output level going to your amp. The in..
    $199.00 $249.00
  • Analogman Sun Face Fuzz
    ***This version of the Analogman Sun Face Fuzz comes with top jacks and Germanium transistors, accounting for the $10 upcharge. The Analog Man Sun Face custom built fuzz pedal. This is higher quality than almost any other fuzzface clone you will find. Available with several transistor choices..
  • Anasounds Bitoun - Octave Doubled Fuzz
    «Fuzz if life», as the great man once said. Few guitarists have applied that motto with as much gusto as Julien Bitoun, the famous French fuzzophile who wrote the classic «Raiders of the lost fuzz». Since that magic effect appeated at the dawn of the sixties, the quest for the ultimate fuzz has..
  • Anasounds Feed Me - BC108 Silicon Fuzz
    The Anasounds Feed Me - BC108 Silicon Fuzz is insane!  You may be wondering where the knobs are?! Have no fear!  They are safe and sound inside the enclosure!  This amazing pedal is set from the factory in a position that sounds excellent, but if you chose to experiment, you have 6..
  • Animals Pedal Fishing Is As Fun As Fuzz
    The Animals Pedal Fishing Is As Fun As Fuzz was inspired by (but doesn't duplicate) the "Civil War"-era Big Muffs. Enhanced tone sculpting abilities give this fuzz a broader range than the muffs of old and give the user more control over the tone and tightness of the effect, while the Drive contr..
  • Animals Pedal Rust Rod Fuzz
    Designed by Skreddy Pedals, this pink powerhouse gives you fuzz and then some more fuzz, followed by a big dash of fuzz… Modeled after the sounds produced by ’70s Ram’s Head Big Muff pedals, the Rust Rod has thick, gooey fuzz tones at virtually any setting. The distortion produced ..
  • Bananana Effects Pororoka - Photosensor Wah Fuzz
    POROROKA is an Oscillating Wah Fuzz Pedal that can make insane sounds by using reflective photosensor. It can change the frequency of reading the values of the sensor. By reducing the frequency, the sound become a robot talking like tones. Features: ・Truebypass ・Handmade ・Oscillatio..
  • BearFoot FX Arctic White Fuzz
    Another favorite from the BJFe research program …The Arctic White Fuzz purrrs like a snow leopard at lower levels and attacks with full vintage growl when pushed...this is the most straight forward of the BearFoot fuzzes...The best parts of the silicon FF/TB vintage sound and feel with its own vo..
  • Beetronics Octahive - Octave Up Fuzz
    The OctaHive is super high gain fuzz with a well pronounced high pitch octave. The octave can be turned off by the toggle switch, turning it into a warmer and thicker fuzz pedal. The best way to achieve a well pronounced octave sound is by rolling off on the PRE gain and tone control on your..