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  • Dwarfcraft Devices Eau Claire Thunder
    The Dwarfcraft Devices Eau Claire Thunder is an incredible and sonically diverse fuzz and distortion box that  will deliver an astounding range of sounds.  This is one of Dwarfcraft's most extraordinary pedals, and will really  give you some insight into what this fantastic boutiqu..
  • Dwarfcraft Devices Happiness
    Dwarfcraft Devices is ready to spread some Happiness, in the form of a multi-mode filter pedal, packed to the gills with features. Happiness opens a new world of synth inspired tones and textures with low pass, band pass, and high pass filtering.  The filter is modulated with an interna..
  • Dwarfcraft Devices Memento - Memory Killswitch
    Well, we built a better mousetrap.  The Kill switch has been topped! Sure, the Memento can function as a standard kill switch, like the ultra simple, super effective tool employed by artists as diverse as Norman Greenbaum, Tom Morello, and Collections of Colonies of Bees, but it’s so mu..
  • Dwarfcraft Devices Minivan Echo
    The Dwarfcraft Devices Minivan is a dark echo, built off a digital chip so old it sounds analog.  Yes pedal people, I’m talking about the pt2399. We have a couple tricks up our sleeves, though.  Most echo pedals built off the 2399 give you a pretty short range of delays, using the “best..
  • Dwarfcraft Devices Pitch Grinder
    The Pitch Grinder is a sequenced pitch shifter.  Our first foray into the digital realm, the PG smashes your signal down into 8 bits of mayhem, and then tosses them up and down in pitch, in intervals of your choosing. The Pitchgrinder is ready for action! We have eight tunable stages, la..
  • Dwarfcraft Devices She Fuzz
    Squeel! Grind! Retch! Grooooooooove. What seems like a long time ago, I tried to make a normal fuzz. That didn’t last long. While the She Fuzz does do a couple familiar sounds, a nice beefy powerchordy type of fighitn’ fuzz, and a snotty octave up, I found it much more exciting to get odd sou..
  • Dwarfcraft Devices Silver Rose - Fuzz
    THE SILVER ROSE! Never has drama sounded so good. Classic rock - YES.  90’s garage rock - YES. Turn up the Super Fuzz side with a medium gain setting, dial in the bias for maximum sustain and let the power chords ring out. Turn up the gain and twist the bias to squeeze that signal down ..
  • Dwarfcraft Devices The Great Destroyer
    The Dwarfcraft Great Destroyer Distortion pedal delivers mind-bending oscillation and heavy fuzz from the murky depths. The layout of The Great Destroyer pedal is simple: Volume knob, secondary Gain, primary Gain, and a Starve knob (which prevents power from getting to the circuit). Simple adjust..
  • Dwarfcraft Devices Twin Stags - Tremolo
    Here is our first modulation pedal, the Twin Stags Double Tremolo.  Two fully featured tremolo circuits are packed into the extra thick enclosure, offering trem speeds from “are you sure it’s going?” slow to “ring mod” fast.  The triangle core LFOs can be skewed from..
  • Dwarfcraft Devices Wizard of Pitch
    The Wizard began as a simple idea: Cut the Pitchgrinder down to a single pitch shifter, with a mix control.  What it became is something much more exciting, with brand new capabilities. The pedal’s resolution has been cranked up to 32 bits from the ‘Grinder’s 8, but the same lo-fi ..