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  • Wren and Cuff Elephant Skin - Fuzz
    For most bass players,Troy Sanders of Mastodon needs no introduction. His angular riffs, thick rhythms, and massive tone have been a constant over the span of Mastodon’s existence. When it comes to his distortion, his weapon of choice since 2010 has been The Tall Font Russian. Troy like’s a s..
    $210.00 $249.99
  • Wren and Cuff Hangman 2D
    The Boss HM-2 was laid to rest in 1991 when the last of the wannabe Marshall-amp in a box pedals rolled off the line… A puzzling pedal to some and downright hated by others, the funeral was not attended by many and met with a sigh of relief by those who loathed it’s buzz-saw brand of high-gai..
    $190.00 $249.00
  • Wren and Cuff Sonder - Chorus/Tremolo
    Sonder is a very special Chorus / Tremolo device.  It begins with independent fully analog channels for Chorus and Trem.  These channels layer together with endless combinations of Chorus with Tremolo.  Fast Chorus, Slow Trem, Slow Chorus, Fast Trem, Medium...  Well... You get..
    $210.00 $249.99
  • Wren and Cuff The White Elk
    What is it? The Muff-Men at Wren and Cuff tackled yet another Muff variant in 2013 at the request of a large Japanese distributer. After many, many, requests for a USA release of this unusual pedal, the USA White Elk is finally here.  This pedal is a recreation of the famous "Elk Super F..
    $170.00 $199.99