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  • Walrus Audio 2-Channel Remote Control Switch
    Use the Walrus Audio 2-channel remote switch to control the Descent’s two foot switches.  This feature allows you to place the Descent at the back of your pedalboard and run the small remote control switch to the front of your board; freeing up real estate on your board’s front row. To use t..
  • Walrus Audio 385 Overdrive
    Dynamic, responsive, tube-like, and amp-like. Walrus Audio is extremely excited to announce the new 385 Overdrive that is boastfully responsible for all those adjectives.  For decades now, guitarists in search of pure tone have been taking the tube-powered audio sections of vintage film ..
  • Walrus Audio Aetos Clean Power Supply
    The Walrus Audio Aetos is an 8-output, isolated power supply, utilizing an internal custom wound toroidal transformer to provide the highest noise filtering and cleanest power, giving artists the purest sound in their signal chain. The Aetos is housed in a solid die cast enclosure and is 4.7”long..
  • Walrus Audio ARP-87 Multi-Function Delay
    The ARP-87 is a compact, feature-rich delay, packed with a large pallet of inspirational delay tones. Featuring four main algorithms, digital, analog, lo-fi, and slap back, the ARP-87 can cover some serious ground in the world of echoes. The Digital algorithm boasts pristine, crystal clear repeat..
  • Walrus Audio Bellwether Analog Delay
    The Bellwether is a bucket brigade delay pedal with tap tempo.  Offering analog circuity and up to 1000ms of lush delays, the Bellwether ushers in a rich soundscape of long and short trails. It can achieve the warm saturated sounds found in delays like the Maxon AD999 and the coveted Boss DM..
  • Walrus Audio Deep Six Compressor
    The Deep Six is a true bypass studio-grade compressor in stomp box form, inspired by the performance of the Universal Audio 1176 with the simplicity of the Ross and Dynacomp. Offering a Level, Sustain, Attack, and Blend control, the Deep Six will give you unmatched versatility at a price you can ..
  • Walrus Audio Descent - Shimmer Reverb
    The Descent was designed to create ambient textures of sound, from thick and endless hall reverbs to symphonic shimmers.   The Descent is a three mode reverb system; hall, reverse, and shimmer.   In each mode, the user has the ability to feed +1 and -1 octaves into the reverbe..
  • Walrus Audio Iron Horse Distortion
    The Iron Horse is a return to the classic distortion: thick, punchy, riffy and rowdy. It is full of high gain and perfectly made for the rock guitarist in need of thick rhythm or cutting solos. Dial back the gain and it can be used as a thick, warm overdrive. The Iron Horse has three distortion m..
  • Walrus Audio Janus Tremolo / Fuzz
    The Janus is a true bypass, dual joystick controlled Tremolo/Fuzz pedal that allows you to create a landscape of distorted textures. Both the Tremolo and the Fuzz can be isolated and used alone, but can also be used together in series creating thick textures with a lot of movement. Each joystick ..
  • Walrus Audio Julia - Chorus/Vibrato
    The Julia is a fully analog, feature-rich chorus/vibrato packed with a wide array of tonal landscapes begging to be explored.  With controls like Lag, Dry-Chorus-Vibrato Blend, and selectable analog LFO wave shapes, you are able to dial in all types of classic and unique chorus/vibrato sound..
  • Walrus Audio Jupiter Fuzz
    The Jupiter is a true bypass fuzz pedal inspired by the desire for gritty, thick and loud fuzz. Fuzz pedals tend to emphasize specific frequency ranges, which is both a positive and negative attribute. The Jupiter’s controls allow you the ability to dial in the right amount of fuzz with the right..
  • Walrus Audio Luminary Quad Octave Generator
    A powerful polyphonic quad octave generator with features for creating inspiring symphonic gusts of sound. For octaves available; -2, -1, +1, and +2.  Three onboard presets. In a dystopian future, a tyrant dubbed, The Luminary, rules in what used to be a free world. The spread of hi..