TC Helicon

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  • TC Helicon Harmony Singer
    Increase your sound with a couple of backup singers, an expert engineer and a ton of gear – all with one simple stomp box. Whether you’re electric, electro-acoustic, pro or practicing, Harmony Singer means that your vocal presentation will rock just as hard as your guitar.  You won’t hav..
  • TC Helicon Perform-V - Vocal Processor
    If you’re serious about singing, you’ll find that sounding your best is about more than talent or vocal technique. It’s about taking what is unique about your voice and using the right tools to make it stand out – whether you’re live at a venue, a radio session, recording at home, or uploading to..
  • TC Helicon Play Acoustic
    As a singer/songwriter you know, the act with the best sound, gets the gig - and the TC-Helicon Play Acoustic effects processing pedal is the tool to get you booked. Just plug in your mic and guitar and get the CD sound your music deserves and audiences want to hear. You will love TC Electronic's..