Stomp Under Foot

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  • Stomp Under Foot Civil Unrest - Fuzz
    The Civil Unrest takes the design of the Civil War to the next level.  Keeping the mids control down around 9 o'clock, the Civil Unrest can match the tone of the Civil War.  Turning up the mids control now allows you to cut through in a live situation without coloring the tone with a mi..
    $148.00 $185.00
  • Stomp Under Foot Halo Bender - Distortion
    The Halo Bender is a versatile distortion pedal created out of my desire for a classic rock, guitar tone. The gain control goes from a low-gain Fender crunch all the way up to JTM45 distortion all while retaining the clarity of your guitar. The tone control goes from a full, chunky low-en..
    $132.00 $165.00
  • Stomp Under Foot Pumpkin Pi - Fuzz
    PUMPKIN PI Based on the 1977 op-amp fuzz, this pedal is mostly associated with the fuzz tone on the Smashing Pumpkins "Siamese Dream" album but the Pumpkin Pi is capable of so much more. With a full tone and lots of gain, the Pumpkin Pi is great for many styles of music including rock, bl..
  • Stomp Under Foot Red Menace - Fuzz
    RED MENACE Due to many requests, the original MENACE is back! The Red Menace was the first Stomp Under Foot modified, muff pedal that combines the gritty, growl of the Russian era pedals and the smooth, fuzzy gain of the original Triangle. The very tweakable Red Menace gives you lo..