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  • Stomp Audio Labs Amp - Treble Booster
    Amp is our treble booster. In its heart lies a colossal germanium transistor whom spent decades forgotten in Ukraine just waiting for the time when it would finally be able to do something exciting with its life. This transistor is pushed to the extreme with a simple and elegant circuit, resu..
    $95.00 $120.00
  • Stomp Audio Labs Cash - Dynamic Overdrive
    The Cash is a dynamic overdrive. Its weight depends on the weight of your hand. So, the harder you strike, the heavier the drive gets. Also, its filter is very versatile, it goes from a beautiful full-bodied bass to a knife sharp treble. Out of our first pedals this golden bar was the one we ..
    $120.00 $150.00
  • Stomp Audio Labs Juice - Clean Boost
    Juice increases the volume, providing up to 20dB of clean boost with a MoSFET Class A circuit. It has a three position filter: it can boost only the basses, only the trebles or all frequencies. It has enough power to push whatever comes after it. Juice is our clean booster. It increa..
    $95.00 $120.00
  • Stomp Audio Labs Mother of Fuzz - Germanium Fuzz
    The Mother of Fuzz is our Germanium fuzz. These Transistors spent thirty icy winters in Soviet Union. They watched the Cold War turn their land into Ukraine, and now they came all the way to the tropical lands of Brazil, to find a final destination to a much brighter purpose than what its creator..
    $132.00 $165.00
  • Stomp Audio Labs Mr. Brown - Crunch Distortion
    Mr. Brown is our classy distortion. This pedal has so much class that we recommend you to plug it in for the first time smoking a cuban cigar accompanied by a 18 year old bourbon, while writing down some blues wearing a velvet tuxedo. After all, it will give you that fat tone you thought you’d on..
    $120.00 $150.00
  • Stomp Audio Labs Waves - Modern Tremolo
    I can feel a cool breeze. The Waves is our tremolo with tap tempo. We spent almost two years developing and testing this pedal, distilling all of our knowledge in electronics and programming in this project, the result was a round sound that behaves as well as it seems. This is our magnu..
    $184.00 $230.00
  • Stomp Audio Labs White Widow - Silicon Fuzz
    The White Widow is our silicon fuzz. He is the son of a special version of the Big Muff Pi of the late 70s, the heaviest and weirdest of Big Muffs, who, two decades later, seduced an entire generation of guitarists who were so fond of the pedals that spent their entire concerts staring at th..
    $132.00 $165.00