Rougarou Pedals

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  • Rougarou Pedals Banshee Reverb
    The Banshee’s haunting lament signals the passing of a loved one, and her spectral voice will add some truly haunting qualities to your signal. Her simple design encourages the user to embrace their inner psychedelic and let her sing more often than not. The Reverb control allows you to dial in t..
  • Rougarou Pedals Boosthulhu
    Ready to wake an ancient, alien horror? Boosthulhu is here to push your pedalboard and amp to new levels of insanity. At its tamest setting, Boosthulhu gives your signal a slight push. Turning the control higher, though, will provide plenty of clean gain to put you in front of the mix and firmly ..
  • Rougarou Pedals Sasquash Compressor
    Sasquash has big feet. Let him put his big foot in your signal chain to add everything from a light touch to copious amounts of compression. Sasquash is a clean optical compressor with two straightforward controls that make dialing him in a pleasant stroll through the forest. Squash tells the big..
  • Rougarou Pedals The Rougarou Tube Overdrive
    ***Despite being designed for bass, the Rougarou Tube Overdrive works beautifully for guitar.*** Lurking among cypress knees of Southern Louisiana, the Rougarou is foaming at the mouth to add some true tube overdrive to your rig. A subminiature preamp tube is in each and every Rougarou Tube ..