Guitar Pedal Shoppe offers repair services on most pedals, musical instruments and amplifiers at competitive rates. Most repairs we provide come with a guarantee...ask us about your specific need! 

  • Acoustic and electric guitar/bass setup
  • Guitar string replacement
  • Pickup and hardware installation
  • Fret Repairs or replacement
  • Refinishing and neck/body wood repairs
  • Amplifier tube replacement
  • Amplifier Repairs
  • Electronic diagnostics
  • Keyboard repair (basic repairs such as jacks)
  • PA power amp and mixer repair (basic repairs such as jacks)
  • Speaker replacement
  • Brass / Horn repairs
  • Violin repairs
  • Woodwind Repairs

Please call, use live chat or email us for questions regarding servicing your instrument or amplifier. Repairs can be dropped off at our shop 7 days a week, but our tech is only here M-F.  We typically are on a 7-10 day turnaround. 


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