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  • Rabbit Hole FX A 'Merkin - Fuzz
    The A 'Merkin Fuzz offers sustain for miles and allows precise, fine-tuning to your instrument and rig via 3 Knobs and 2 Switches:  ​ Fuzz Section: (4 Controls) ​ Cut/Low switch - Cut is a frequency contour that attenuates lower frequencies i..
    $190.00 $239.00
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  • Rabbit Hole FX Chaosmic Fuzz
         It is with warm fuzz's that Rabbit Hole FX presents the Chaosmic Fuzz. The result of a rare collaboration of talent, ideas and dedication, the Chaosmic Fuzz was inspired by an obscure circuit from the 1960's (Hint: The Scrambler) and updated using radical and modern design me..
    $199.00 $250.00