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  • Pre-Owned Source Audio Soundblox Pro Bass Envelope Filter
    ***This is a pre-owned item. It is in excellent condition with some residue on the bottom and lifting on the sticker. Comes with original box. If you are uninterested in the original box, contact us and we can lower your shipping rate. The Soundblox Pro Bass Envelope Filter is an evolution of..
  • RST Custom Effects Ottawa Sun - Envelope Filter
    Many, many years ago, when I was a young teenager (did I mention it was MANY years ago?), I saw a guitarist using a wah pedal, and my mind was blown.  I knew I had heard this sound before on the radio, but I had never really seen it.  And I said to my friend, "That is so cool!  I w..
  • RST Custom Effects Spartan DUO! - Cocked Wah Fuzz
    I really should have seen this coming.  As soon as I posted the demo video showing the ROAR! and PEAK! pedals working together, people started asking me to put them both in one box.  And I don't blame them!  You couldn't find a more compatible pair.  It truly was the next logi..
  • Source Audio Programmable EQ
    The Source Audio Programmable EQ is a thoroughly modern and highly streamlined upgrade to traditional equalizer pedals. This compact, rugged, cast aluminum stompbox provides quick, hands-free access to four different user programmed EQ settings. Whatever your instrument, playing style, or genre, ..
  • Tech 21 Bass Fly Rig
    We were hammered with requests for a bass version of the Fly Rig 5 since the day it was introduced. How could we not answer the call? We went a little crazy and stuffed everything we could into the Bass Fly Rig, except the kitchen sink, Rhode Island and a submarine.  The Tech ..
    $254.00 $299.00
  • Xotic Effects Wah
    The Xotic Wah effects pedal is one of the most versatile wah pedals we've ever seen. Its circuit is closely based on the famous Clyde McCoy wah pedals made in Italy during the 1960s. But onboard controls for bias, Q, resonance, and frequency range allow you to dial in any shade of wah you desire...
  • Yellowcake Lida Machine - Resonant Filter
    An analog Resonant Filter, also known as a VCF (Voltage Control Filter) with two independently adjustable LFO's. One that is switchable on/off. features an expression pedal for the 'Freq.' knob. A CV-IN is also provided for adding any other Voltage Controlled synth modules. Fre..
  • Yellowcake MK-ULTRA - Octave Fixed Wah
    The MK-ULTRA is a mix of taking the classic octave up circuit and blending it into a fixed wah circuit via the 'MIND' knob... The frequency of the fixed wah is adjustable using the 'CONTROL' knob... Thats it.. plenty of versatility between two knobs. Meant to be paired with a fuzz of your ch..