Ernie Ball Volume Pedal Jr with This1smyne Tone Suck Mod

Brand: This1smyne Effects
Product Code: Ernie Ball VP Jr with This1smyne Tone Suck Mod
Reward Points: 150
In Stock
Price: $120.00 Price in reward points: 3000

This mod installs the famous T1M mini buffer inside a BRAND NEW Ernie Ball volume pedal, preventing the ‘tone loss’ associated with using the tuner output and buffering your signal to keep it strong through the rest of your pedal chain and giving you the ultimate ‘guitar into amp’ tone!

Both outputs are buffered, meaning you will benefit and help prevent tone loss even if you’re not using the tuner output on your Ernie Ball! New units ship with a dust guard on the pot to keep things running smooth MUCH longer than stock units as well as a filtered input DC jack (boss center negative required) to eliminate excess noise in your rig.

LED is Blue


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