Blackout Effectors Cadavernous Reverberator

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The new Cadavernous V2 is a supremely sublime ambient reverberator that can do a tasty spring and room reverb as well. Users of the original Cadavernous will find a completely overhauled circuit from the ground up. And we didn’t just add expression control and a facelift! We’ve completely revamped the original Cadavernous circuit. All of the controls have a wider range. More feedback on the REGEN! A new filter on the DAMPEN! + Expression control over REVERB LEVEL or REGEN.

From simple, subtle reverbs that are a must for any player to intense new creations that are all your own, the Cadavernous is a tweaker’s heaven. If you are looking for an interactive reverb pedal that is more than just springs in a can…


  • Big, splashy, echo-tinged reverb
  • Swell controls provide a level of interactivity not many reverbs can claim
  • Independent Dry/Reverb level controls for ultimate mixing flexibility
  • Completely redesigned V2 circuitry, more range on controls over V1
  • Flexible expression pedal integration, assignable to several controls via internal DIP-switches
  • Momentary Swell footswitch for momentary feedback blasts or tasteful momentary additions of more coolness
  • 2 Swell modes: momentary on / momentary off
  • All jacks top mounted

Skip to 5:41 to hear Cadavernous without Fubar fuzz

This video depicts the older version, but V2 sounds very similar

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