Pre-owned Heavy Electronics El Oso

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***This Pre-owned Pedal is in Perfect condition with velcro residue on back. Comes with original box.

Crushing Bass Distortion... The Oso is the lowest and baddest distortion circuit presented by Heavy Electronics so far.  El Oso blends roaring low-end gain with the dry signal and readily pours out both thump and gain to the input of your amp. Mix knob has total effect, at full mix there is no hint of the dry signal and at zero mix the output signal is undistinguishable from the true-bypass signal.  A JFET input signal buffer guarantees a solid match with the wide variety of impedances found in bass pickups.

Distortion top-end is rolled-off nicely, with plenty of room for a bright maple-board P-bass and enough contouring to do away with any harshness often found in lesser bass distortions.  Using the mix and gain knob together the user can create a deep palette of bass distortion tones.  High gain and low mix settings sound very different than low gain and high mix settings, even though dynamically similar.  Very simple to use and operate, users will "find the tone" within seconds.  Perfect for the stage-performing bassist.


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