Anasounds Phase Lag - OTA Phaser (w/ Vibe, Vibrato & Trem)

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The Anasounds Phase Lag - OTA Phaser is one of the best Phaser pedals on the market!  This thing sounds so organic and smooth that you will think you are dreaming while playing it!  As an added bonus, you can also get Vibe, Vibrato and Tremolo tones by simply altering the internal switches according to the images seen below!  

  • Description

The Phase Lag is a phase modulation 100% analog, it is implemented with the OTA technology. Indeed, this permits us to define with a lot of precision the desired sound and guarenties an important stability. We’ve notice that the results are much better than with the FET transistors we can find in the Phase 90 and many others…

With this effect, you will get a very present modulation that will sweep all the frequencies of your play. Whether it is with a weak RATE to obtain a spatialization to your signal or a strong RATE to push it into a vibrato.

4 stages of phase shift have been used to create this effect.
A specific design and several tests allow us to guarantee a constant perceptual loudness between your input signal and the output of the effect. This is a thing that you don’t find in a lot of pedals of that kind…

  • News on this version

-A new design with an emrald pad « As » backlit and flashing at the speed of the phaser!
-7 switchs to transform your Phase Lag into a VIBE, a vibrato or a tremolo!

  • External settings 

-RATE, to set the frequency of the LFO thus the speed of your phaser.
-REGEN, this controls the feedback loop of the effect. Thus, you’ll get a more or less present effect and a better definition in the bass frequencies.

  • Internal settings

Inside the Phase Lag, you will find on the circuit 8 small switches to completely change the sound of your pedal!
The first 4 switches changes the value of the capacitors of each modulation stage. The 5th cuts the 3rd floor or not. The 6th cuts the 4th floor or not. The 7th is reserved only to the vibrato. The 8th is not connected.

Phase Lag




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Weight 450 g
Dimensions 12 x 9.5 x 5 cm

Bipolaire faible bruit @en, Low noise bipolar

Chips used in Circuit

JRC4558 and LM13700


Gold plated true bypass switch


Integrated power supply noise filter. External 9V power supply not included.

Wood Faceplate

Bamboo plate laser engraved


Plexiglass-mirror pampile laser engraved. The logo illuminates when the effect is activated

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