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  • Red Witch Ruby Fuzz
    Closer to her sister Ivy than any of the other sisters, she can dance the line between silky soft fuzz and an all consuming tidal wave of sonic saturation. Think Hendrix at Berklee in 1970. Two simple controls allow the user to dial a remarkably varied number of different tones from gorge..
    $95.00 $119.99
  • Rock Stock Dark Horse - Fuzz
    Features • Wide fuzz/gain range • Volume, Treble, Sustain (gain) controls • Retains low end for use with bass guitar • Standard 9VDC power • True bypass switching • Hand made in Columbus, IN Description Are you ready for a perf..
    $135.00 $159.00
  • RST Custom Effects Berzelius Fuzz
    The earliest fuzz pedals - you know, those famous ones from the 60s - were made with Germanium transistors.  It is fair to say that Germanium is responsible for the sound that most people think of when you say "vintage" fuzz.  Unfortunately, Germanium transistors are inconsistent, tempe..
  • RST Custom Effects Spartan DUO! - Cocked Wah Fuzz
    I really should have seen this coming.  As soon as I posted the demo video showing the ROAR! and PEAK! pedals working together, people started asking me to put them both in one box.  And I don't blame them!  You couldn't find a more compatible pair.  It truly was the next logi..
  • RST Custom Effects Spartan ROAR! - Single Knob Fuzz
    This little single-knob box puts out a BIG... no, make that HUGE fuzz sound!  The circuit is a clone of the Colorsound Fuzz Box, and uses carefully selected BC109 and BC108 transistors to get the ideal fuzz texture.  No gain control, but it cleans-up nicely with the volume knob on your ..
  • Source Audio Aftershock Bass Distortion
    Get down and dirty with the AfterShock Bass Distortion. The AfterShock packs three bass distortion circuits that span the gamut of low-end crunch, from smooth and natural overdrive to full-on fuzz attack. The Tube circuit belts out a subtle, but powerful vintage tube overdrive with a nice smooth ..
  • Source Audio Kingmaker Fuzz
    The Kingmaker Fuzz features a compact enclosure, but inside this purple powerhouse live the sizzling tones of over 50 years of fuzz and overdrive technology. On its own the Kingmaker features three killer fuzz engines, but connect it to the Neuro Mobile App (a free download for iOS and Android) a..
  • Spruce Effects Lichen Fuzz
    A take on the classic fuzz sounds of the 60's, Lichen Fuzz is tuned to be dynamic, extremely touch sensitive, and reactive to your guitar's volume control.   Unlike many Germanium fuzz pedals, the Lichen Fuzz has a wide, usable range of fuzz on tap with the Bark knob. The sound can b..
  • Spruce Effects Lichen Fuzz Overgrowth
    The Lichen Fuzz Overgrowth is our flagship effect--and a maniac in a box. Two independent effect circuits, a Lichen Fuzz on the right, and a Growth Ring boost on the left. When experimenting with Germanium fuzz circuits on the breadboard, we wondered what it would be like to boost the fuzz with a..
  • Spruce Effects Old Growth Fuzz
    Inspired by variations of the classic muff and the haunting and sustaining old growth Spruce forests of Norway, this fuzz is dynamic, heavy, and in your face. This silicon fuzz reacts to your guitar's tonal qualities and doesn't mask your base sound. Your Strat will sound like your Strat, an..
  • Spruce Effects Rainier Fuzz
    A nod to the classic, yet forgotten Jen Jumbo Fuzz, the Rainier Fuzz is a raw, loud, and extremely fun fuzz to experiment with. The circuit has been modernized and stabalized, with the Germanium gate circuit being controlled by a toggle and knob to allow you to insert or delete that part of the t..
  • Spruce Effects Salt Water Fuzz
    A classic 3-knob Tonebender spinoff, the Salt Water Fuzz was built for hot lead tones and sustaining chord riffs with excellent musical mid-range. 3 perfectly matched Germanium transistors create an excellent, higher gain fuzz tone. The Swell, Surf, and Tide controls are extremely interactive and..