Electro-Harmonix Deluxe Electric Mistress XO - Analog Flanger

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The classic Deluxe Electric Mistress Flanger is now available in a compact die-cast package with a number of enhancements to make the venerable analog pedal more user-friendly for today’s pedalboard using players. The circuit remains true to its roots, but power is now supplied via a standard EHX9.6-200mA power supply which the pedal comes equipped with, or a 9 volt battery. True Bypass switching ensures maximum signal path integrity when the effect is switched off, and an LED has been added to indicate when the effect is engaged.

The original Electric Mistress was introduced in 1976 and the Deluxe version followed two years later. Throughout its decades-long history, musicians have consistently been captivated by its rich, resonant flanging and unique Filter Matrix effect. In that mode the modulation waveform is disconnected from the flanger circuit, freezing the flanger and creating a matrix of filters. It enables a musician to achieve effects like the sound of chimes being played in unison with his or her instrument.

Quick Specs

- The same incredible, rich, resonant flanging now in a pedalboard friendly package
- Unique Filter Matrix mode stops the sweep for freeze-frame tones and tricks
- LED to indicate when effect is engaged
- True Bypass for maximum signal path integrity
- EHX9.6-200mA power supply included, also runs on 9V battery
- Dimensions (Inches): 4.0 W x 4.75 L x 2.25 H
- Dimensions (mm): 102 W x 121 L x 89 H
RATE Knob – controls the speed of flanger modulation. As you turn RATE clockwise, the flanger’s speed increases. Higher settings of RATE give the effect a sound like vibrato. 

RANGE Knob – allows you to set the lower limit of the flanger sweep.  A fully counter-clockwise setting, where the lower limit is just below the higher, creates a very narrow sweeping effect.  As you turn RANGE clockwise the flanger sweeps down further into the bass region.  A convincing rotating speaker effect may be obtained by setting RATE near maximum, RANGE near minimum, and COLOR approximately half-way. 

COLOR Knob – sets the intensity of the flanger effect. As you turn COLOR clockwise the effect becomes more pronounced, producing that classic whoosh effect flangers are famous for. 

The Deluxe Electric Mistress has been set at the factory for maximum color capacity.  Turning COLOR to its most clockwise setting could cause self-oscillation to occur.  This is normal!  This oscillation may be reduced by turning the COLOR knob down slightly.

FILTER MATRIX Switch – when this switch is set to the right position, labeled FILTER MATRIX, the modulation waveform is disconnected from the flanger circuit, freezing the flanger and creating a matrix of filters. Turn the RANGE knob to change the filters’ position and use COLOR to adjust the depth of filtering. The RATE knob has no affect when set to FILTER MATRIX mode. Proper manipulation of the RANGE and COLOR knobs will enable you to simulate the sound of chimes being played in unison with your instrument, as well as many other effects.

FOOTSWITCH and LED – The Footswitch toggles the Deluxe Electric Mistress between effect and True Bypass mode. When the effect is engaged, the LED is lit.

INPUT Jack – This ¼” jack is the audio input for the Deluxe Electric Mistress. The input impedance is 600kΩ.

FLANGED OUT Jack – This ¼” jack is the effect output for the Deluxe Electric Mistress. All flanging and modulation effects will emanate from this jack. The output impedance is 5.5kΩ.

DRY OUT Jack – This ¼” jack is connected directly to the INPUT jack giving you access to your input signal which you can send to another amp or chain of effects bypassing the Deluxe Electric Mistress’ flange effect.

9V Power Jack – Although the Deluxe Electric Mistress accepts 9V Batteries, EHX supplies your Deluxe Electric Mistress with an Electro-Harmonix 9.6DC-200 power supply. Plug the output of the supplied AC adaptor into the 9V power jack located at the top of the Deluxe Electric Mistress. The Deluxe Electric Mistress draws up to 40mA at 9VDC with a center negative plug. The Deluxe Electric Mistress accepts Boss® and Ibanez® style AC Adaptors. Please do not exceed 10VDC at the 9V power jack.

If you choose to operate the Deluxe Electric Mistress from battery power you must remove the 4 screws on the bottom of the Deluxe Electric Mistress.  Once the screws are removed, you can take off the bottom plate and connect a 9V battery. Please do not touch the circuit board while the bottom plate is off or you risk damaging a component


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