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  • TC Electronic BonaFide Buffer
    You, Unaltered BonaFide Buffer is the sonic remedy that will free your tone of any treble-sucking constraints put upon it by long cable runs. Just slam this high-quality, no-nonsense tone tool on your pedalboard and get ready to bask in your tone as it was meant to be. Transparent, crisp, ali..
  • This1smyne Effects Mini Volume Pedal with Buffer
    This is it – both in a finger enclosure + tuner out that will NOT SUCK YOUR TONE. The buffer is so solid it can drive an output as well as push your signal through any chain. Punchy as all crap, and will save ridiculous space and tone on your pedalboard. ..
  • Vertex Effects Boost
    The Vertex Boost is expertly crafted to be a clean boost, buffer and volume pedal in one. The Boost is designed to leave your tone unchanged, while boosting the level of your signal. The Boost also features an ultra-linear buffer to condition your line with ZERO tonal coloration, even with dozens..
  • Wampler dB+ - Boost/Independent Buffer
    A full frequency boost and independent buffer brought to you in a small footprint mini pedal.   All great guitar tones have a solid foundation. Too many cables going in and out of your pedal board and to and from your amp can sometimes accidentally rob of you your guitar’s natural hi..