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  • Lollygagger FX Canaglia with Maple top in Vintage Red finish - Two Stage Overdrive
    *THIS IS AN ONLINE ONLY ITEM. NOT AVAILABLE AT GUITAR PEDAL SHOPPE'S PLYMOUTH MA LOCATION*   Overdrive boutique guitar effects pedal made with CNC machinery out of beautiful maple wood.  Each pedal is hand wired with the Canaglia old world precision point to point hand soldered ..
  • Lone Wolf Audio Outsider - Lead Boost Sub Harmonic Energizer
    The Outsider is a modern updated take on the legendary and ultra rare Systech Harmonic Energizer. Utilized, and mastered by Zappa, this pedal has been tweaked and tuned to the highest detail. The Gain knob adds up to 35DB of transparent gain that when put in front, or after a distorted si..
  • Lone Wolf Blues Co Clean Cat - Boost
    ABOUT The Clean Cat is the second pedal in a line of signature pedals built for Jason Ricci, I do not need to tell you who Jason is, you already know. Jason came to us desireing a clean boost pedal with the range needed to suit the modern harp player, a boost that does not color or distort, a b..
  • LunaStone The Pusher - Boost
    This pusher deals in pure power! He is a small yet persuasive friend to have, and he packs a mighty punch. Whether you want to push your tube amp into natural overdrive or just need to lift your solos above the band, the Pusher always deliver pharmaceutical-grade, clean goodness! Where ot..
  • MOJO Hand FX Sacred Cow - Overdrive
    The Sacred Cow is a playful nod to two classics: The legendary, elusive, gold standard overdrive, and the center of Texas culinary tradition, Beef. The Sacred Cow has all of the drive and character that you would expect, ranging from slightly boosted clean to a nice gain, with some bite, that..
  • Oddfellow Effects Caveman Overdrive V2
    Introducing the Caveman Overdrive V2! This new design keeps all of the qualities that players loved in the first version, while adding some features and improving things that were requested by our customers and artists. The main features that differentiate the v2 from it's predecessor (besides th..
    $210.00 $249.99
  • Oddfellow Effects Napoleon Boost
    Behold the latest offering from Oddfellow Effects! The Napoleon Boost features the same craftsmanship you love in the Caveman Drive. This boost is sure to be a favorite on boards across many genres. This boost circuit allows the user to control their level from unity all the way to 10x their..
    $102.00 $119.99
  • Ohmless Pedals Detonator Booster
    Detonator is a simple clean boost, that pushes your signal up to 25db, with an additional tone control for more versatility CONTROLS Level Controls the amount of gain. No gain added when fully CCW Tone Adds bass and cuts treble when turned CCW, adds..
    $85.00 $99.00
  • Paul Cochrane Timmy Overdrive
    Hand made by Paul Cochrane in the U.S., the Timmy is the smaller brother of the 'Tim' overdrive pedal. There are differences in functionality but the real beauty lies in the circuit both pedals share. Its simple but insightful design lends it to be one of the most transparent tones available in a..
  • Pedal Projects Owly Booster
    Owly has grown up and gained some great features. We've redesigned the whole boost circuit, while retaining the original tone. Especially not the midrange! With an internal 9 to 18V conversion, the pedal has more headroom and boost than ever before. This simple MOSFET circuit gives you a warm..
    $110.00 $130.00
  • Pettyjohn Lift - Buffer Boost
    The Pettyjohn LIFT is the third offering in their new single pedal format, The Foundry Series, and it draws inspiration from their Original Signature Pedal, The PreDrive. The LIFT is a studio-grade Buffer/Boost pedal utilizing the best of modern Discrete Opamp technology. The LIFT is built with t..
  • Pettyjohn PettyDrive V2 - Dual Overdrive
    The PettyDrive V2 is a serious Tool for Tone, engineered to deliver the powerful tone and dynamic feel of boutique tube amps pushed to the edge of breakup.  Each of the two fully independent channels are uniquely voiced to compliment each other and provide a wide range of sounds that range f..