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  • Wren and Cuff The Caprid
    The Caprid is a full-size recreation of the famed "Rams Head" BMP from the 70's. We took the best of four different Ram’s head circuits (yes there were four!) to create a girthy distortion monster that will plaster a smile on your face every time you plug it in. Yes the enclosure is a phenomenal ..
  • Xotic Effects Bass BB Preamp
    The Xotic Bass BB Preamp Distortion/Booster Bass Effects Pedal was designed to retain the original attack sound and tonal spectrums while producing a variety of gain structures for all bass players. Each of the two broadly-overlapping EQs offers 15dB of Boost or Cut. The gain knob provides a pris..
  • ZVEX Fuzzolo
    The Fuzzolo is a raging beast of a fuzz. We managed to squeeze this wild thing into a small box to save real estate on pedal boards, and because we could. The Fuzzolo has two controls: Volume (post gain), and Pulse Width. The Fuzzolo is equally devastating on guitar and bass. ..
  • ZVEX Vexter Fat Fuzz Factory
    Overview: Ladies and gentlemen, we'd like to indroduce you to the Fat Fuzz Factory, a take on our original company flagship Fuzz Factory.  The Fat Fuzz Factory feature a sub switch that opens the pedal up to an astounding new botton end.  This means the pedal can oscillate at much l..
  • ZVEX Vexter Woolly Mammoth
    Designed for bass, a favorite for guitar, The Zvex Vexter Woolly Mammoth is an incredible sub-frequency-preserving unit that will hold on to the lowest lows like no fuzz ever heard before. It features a gentle gate for silencing your instrument between notes or phrases, and has an ..