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  • Stomp Under Foot Civil Unrest - Fuzz
    The Civil Unrest takes the design of the Civil War to the next level.  Keeping the mids control down around 9 o'clock, the Civil Unrest can match the tone of the Civil War.  Turning up the mids control now allows you to cut through in a live situation without coloring the tone with a mi..
  • Swindler Effects Workers Comp - Compressor
    For too long, guitarists everywhere have labored against poor sustain and inconsistent dynamics. The time has come to unite against the oppressive forces of tone loss, and to reclaim the tone that is rightfully ours. The WORKERS' COMP is here to help. A fresh take on an old classic, it ..
  • TC Electronic SubNup Mini Octaver
    With the Sub 'N' Up Mini, TC Electronic has taken the mammoth-sounding tones of the original Sub 'N' Up pedal and crammed them into a pedal format that can find a home on even the most cramped pedalboards. You still have access to loading your favorite TonePrint, giving you the ultimate tonal pla..
  • TC Electronic SubNup Octaver
    Pitch Prodigy Sub 'N' Up Octaver is the new leader of the pitch-pack. Featuring our superb next generation octave-engine and individual blend controls for dry, octave-up and two sub-octaves, Sub 'N' Up is set to deliver flawless octave tones whether you're playing complex chords or groovy sin..
  • Tech 21 Bass Fly Rig
    We were hammered with requests for a bass version of the Fly Rig 5 since the day it was introduced. How could we not answer the call? We went a little crazy and stuffed everything we could into the Bass Fly Rig, except the kitchen sink, Rhode Island and a submarine.  The Tech ..
  • Tech 21 Q\Strip - Parametric EQ
    The ‘60s and ‘70s are widely recognized as the heyday for professional recording console design. The EQ and preamp sections of these near-mythical vintage consoles are highly sought after, even to this day. Some of the most iconic guitar and bass tones in the history of recorded audio were tracke..
  • Tech 21 SansAmp Bass Driver DI
    Much more than just a direct box, the SansAmp Bass Driver DI is capable of dialing up big vintage tube tones, bright modern slap sounds, gnarly distortions, and all in between. Three different outputs to drive power amps, recording desks, PA mixers, or simply enhance your current rig. Controls in..
  • Vick Audio Violet Ram's Head - Fuzz
    While the early version of the BMP's all used the same circuit schematic several different combinations of parts values were used giving distinct flavors to the different versions of the early BMP’s.  The Violet Ram’s Head version was produced in the early to mid-70’s and was named for the v..
  • Wampler Low Blow - Bass Overdrive/Distortion
    The first Wampler overdrive and distortion pedal designed exclusively for bass guitar.   Some of the most consistently asked questions to Wampler Pedals is “Will this pedal work on bass?” or “Have you got a bass overdrive?”. So, several years ago Brian Wampler started on tweaking a b..
  • Wren and Cuff Elephant Skin - Fuzz
    For most bass players,Troy Sanders of Mastodon needs no introduction. His angular riffs, thick rhythms, and massive tone have been a constant over the span of Mastodon’s existence. When it comes to his distortion, his weapon of choice since 2010 has been The Tall Font Russian. Troy like’s a s..
  • Wren and Cuff Hangman 2D
    The Boss HM-2 was laid to rest in 1991 when the last of the wannabe Marshall-amp in a box pedals rolled off the line… A puzzling pedal to some and downright hated by others, the funeral was not attended by many and met with a sigh of relief by those who loathed it’s buzz-saw brand of high-gai..
  • Wren and Cuff Tall Font Russian
    The payoff of multitudes of hours spent researching just what made the old big box tall font sovtek muffs so great, Wren and Cuff is proud to present you with the Wren and Cuff Tall Font Russian. The Wren and Cuff Tall Font Russian is not only a vintage repro, but it is THE repro. It boasts that ..