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  • Fuzz Goddess Anime Waifu - Boost
    Sick and tired and of having your instrument sound sick and tired? Need a way to let your audience know to get the fuck off their phones and get back to the show? Need to show that lead guitarist that without you, the bassist, he just sounds like a White Stripes rip off? Do you y..
  • Fuzz Goddess Bass Drive
    Here at Fuzz Goddess, we know you’ve all dreamed of having a fist made of the distant sound of thunder (also that other dream with your high school english teacher but don’t worry, our lips are sealed… HIGH FIVE), so we’ve made that dream a reality with the BASS DRIVE! Make that single coil s..
  • Fuzz Goddess Exit Fuzz - Bass Fuzz
    You know that sound that all UFO abductees claim to have heard before they were ripped up into the night sky to be experimented on? That low bass growl that still haunts their dreams? Well now you can enjoy blasting it out of your amps with the strum of your fingers! EXIT FUZZ is a bass f..
  • J Michael Pedals Deluge - Bass Distortion/Fuzz
    The Deluge is a fuzz specifically designed for bass using the architecture of the classic big muff.  This is no muff with a few capacitor changes,  It's an interpretation made to bring the thunder to your low end!  By coincidence it also sounds incredible with guitar!&nbs..
  • J Michael Pedals Krampus Bass Drive V2
    The Krampus Bass Drive v2 goes from chunky overdrive to heavy distortion. The Birch toggle in the up position adds a touch of high end to your sound without sacrificing lows. The Chains toggle in the up position will give a more open, grubbier, louder effect. The pedal is in stock mode with both ..
  • JAM Pedals Red Muck - Fuzz / Distortion
    Vintage-sounding Fuzz-Distortion pedal, inspired from combining the circuits of the ’71 “triangle” and the later “Red Army / Civil War” Muff. Along with our individual touch, the end result boasts a smoother sound, fatter low end, pronounced midrange and added tonal flexibility of the tone knob..
  • Keeley Bassist Compressor
    The Keeley Bassist Compressor provides true high-fidelity compression and limiting. Be heard and felt using performance compression by Keeley Engineering. The Bassist Compressor is built around the exotic and extremely high fidelity THAT Corp. 4320.  Think of it as very affordable studio..
  • Lone Wolf Audio Iron Fist Fuzz
    The Iron Fist is a highly tuned, and evolved fuzz based on a hybrid of a Rams Head era fuzz, utilizing hand picked vintage transistors for maximum power, with a vintage non "sizzling tone"  No Typical 2N5088/5089 bright noise here. You have total control over pre and post gain clippi..
  • Lone Wolf Audio Overdose/Overload - Extreme Octave Fuzz
    The Overdose/Overload Extreme Octave Fuzz is a totally unique very aggressive pedal tuned with a wide variety of tonal options. While tuned for heavier music, it can also cover classic tones from the 60s/70s and many different genres. 3 way clipping gives you the option of matched LED, wi..
  • Lone Wolf Audio Plague Rat Distortion
    This is a highly tweaked and refined version of a classic distortion pedal you all know and love, with all the features the original should have had. Utilizing a superior stock of op amps, hand picked clipping diode pairs, and giving the user complete control over the treble and bass side of ..
  • Malekko B:Assmaster Harmonic Octave Analog Distortion
    The Barker ASSMASTER is proudly hand built by Malekko in-house in Portland, Oregon using the highest quality components! The Malekko Barker ASSMASTER is inspired by the original Maestro Bass Brassmaster octave fuzz pedal. Hand-built by us, this modern version delivers the same octave overdriv..
  • Obie Studios Ampegulator - SVT Style Bass Overdrive
    This custom build is a Fuzzdog.co.uk PCB, the "Ampegulator", designed to emulate a cranked SVT head, pushed into overdrive. Primarily a bass pedal, this circuit sounds great on guitar as well. The enclosure is a Vintage Blue 1590B from Mammoth Electronics, ..