Pedal Projects Klone - Bart Simpson B-Stock

Brand: Pedal Projects
Product Code: Pedal Projects Klone - Bart Simpson B-Stock
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***This is a B-Stock Pedal Projects Klone with a Bart Simpson graphic on it. This pedal has some minor paint wear on edges from being demoed.

The Pedal Projects Klone V3 is the third incarnation of the PP reproduction of the always-in-demand Klon overdrive/boost pedal. This new version comes complete with a new PCB design and relay switching, making it an even more reliable and quiet pedal. Relay switching, in particular, helps keep it silent while maintaining either true bypass or buffered bypass.

Additionally, it works better with Loopers now, also thanks to the relay switching. When powered, the pedal automatically turns on, so you don't have to every time when loopers are connected. And if for some reason it does lose power, it automatically switches to bypass mode so you don't lose your signal.

It only has (and needs) three straightforward controls, including Gain, Volume, and Treble, and is constructed using D9E NOS germanium diodes, tested and matched to the ones used in the now-obsolete original units. The Pedal Projects Klone V3 is a killer overdrive/boost pedal with several improvements from the last iteration. Requires 9V DC power supply.

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