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  • Ohmless Pedals Boar Fuzz
    Boar transforms your clean tone and covers a great range from heavy distortion to beautiful fuzz fatness. You can set your desired operating point with the Bias knob and give your sound a final touch with the Tone and Sustain controls. An internal trimpot provides greater versatility, granting th..
    $149.00 $175.00
  • Ohmless Pedals Detonator Booster
    Detonator is a simple clean boost, that pushes your signal up to 25db, with an additional tone control for more versatility CONTROLS Level Controls the amount of gain. No gain added when fully CCW Tone Adds bass and cuts treble when turned CCW, adds..
    $85.00 $99.00
  • Ohmless Pedals LeSwitch - Looper
    LeSwitch is a five channel True Bypass Looper that uses programmed soft switches with a memory function. True Bypass wiring along with high quality products make sure your signal is safe. CONTROLS None FEATURES Programmed Soft Switch layo..
    $195.00 $229.00
  • Ohmless Pedals Lorena Overdrive
    Lorena is the Ohmless approach on putting the perfect Klon out there and they did a great job!  Using almost all the original components, they were able to make this pedal as close to the original as possible.  Lorena sounds great with just about any amp/guitar combination as it is ve..
    $150.00 $179.00
  • Ohmless Pedals Plunger Buffer
    Using too many pedals can lead to tone loss, if you don't use a Buffer. Especially high frequencies get stuck somewhere in between all those cables. That's when the Plunger steps in. Placed at the beginning of your chain, it converts a high impedance signal into a low impedance one, creating a st..
    $51.00 $60.00
  • Ohmless Pedals Solana Overdrive
    Solana is a very transparent overdrive based on a Bluesbreaker design.  Offering a lot of headroom and gain along with a very versatile tone control and a high cut switch, this pedal allows you to find the perfect sound for your rig. It is suitable for both Strat and Les Paul type guitars ..
    $149.00 $179.00