LunaStone Pedals

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  • LunaStone The Pusher - Boost
    This pusher deals in pure power! He is a small yet persuasive friend to have, and he packs a mighty punch. Whether you want to push your tube amp into natural overdrive or just need to lift your solos above the band, the Pusher always deliver pharmaceutical-grade, clean goodness! Where ot..
  • LunaStone True Overdrive 1
    True love is rare. And so is true overdrive that doesn’t just sound like tubes, but also behaves like tubes! A drive that you can ride steplessly with the volume knob on your guitar, going from sweet crunch to screaming mayhem without the obvious ‘change of mode’ that typically jumps in at a..
  • LunaStone True Overdrive 2
    TrueOverDrive 2 is as true to transparent and tube-like overdrive as the original TOD 1. Yet it adds a serious punch in the low end frequencies, creating a beefier tone that will fill any venue with warm and fat overdrive. Apart from that, TOD 2 is offering the same qualities and benefit..