We believe students don't just need a guitar teacher....they need a personal guitar trainer.  Anyone can lift weights and run down the street...but to see real results one would hire a personal fitness trainer.  Same goes for guitar lessons! Anyone can get a couple books and watch a few videos...but who is going to answer your questions?  Who is going to correct your technique?  Who is going to hold you accountable week after week?  Who is going to make gear recommendations?  The experts at Guitar Pedal Shoppe are prepared to teach, coach, motivate and personalize the training you receive on your instrument.  We expect students to come prepared, arrive 5 minutes early, ask questions, and practice every day!  If the only time the student practices is during the weekly lesson...expect poor results.  If the student practices daily...expect to learn a massive amount of knowledge on your instrument!  Our schedule fills up quick and to be sure all students are dedicated we charge a one time enrollment fee of $55 which covers administrative costs, lesson notebook and a guitar pick.  

If you or your child are considering formal guitar or bass lessons, you've come to the right place! Conveniently located in Plymouth MA just off Route 3 on Route 3A in the Manomet area, We currently offer private instruction on acoustic guitar, electric guitar bass guitar. We pride ourselves on having the best teaching staff in the South Shore and Cape Cod area. We teach you or your child how to play in a clean, modern, fun and professional environment.

Many of our music instructors have music degrees and are in local bands that perform live or record on a regular basis. Ric personally holds a 2 degrees in Recording Arts, one from the world famous Full Sail University in Orlando, FL and one from The New England Institute of Art in Boston, MA.  So he knows the importance of a good music education. We realize that being a great player doesn't always constitute being a great teacher, so we're very careful when it comes to hiring our instructors.

Music lessons can help build self esteem, confidence, discipline and can teach that hard work brings reward. Playing an instrument is also extremely satisfying and is a great way to relieve stress, not to mention it's fun!

Lessons are held privately by the half hour or by the hour, pricing is below and lessons are paid in advance. We'll do our absolute best to find you a day and time that work with your schedule so you'll have the same day, same time and same instructor every week. This allows our students and teachers to develop a relationship together and also allows our instructors to keep track of the student's progress. Our schedule changes frequently so please contact us for availability. Give us a call if you or your child would like to get in on the fun!

Please call or email for scheduling.


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