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  • Jellyfish Electronics Blinding Voip! Boost
    FULL BODY BOOST WITH TONE CONTROLS! Oh God, LOOK OUT! The Blinding VOIP is a boost pedal with a ludicrous amount of volume on tap. It will send a flying jump kick straight in to the heart of your amp. But wait! There's More! The VOIP has a responsive tone control to raise the beefy low end or..
    $96.00 $120.00
  • Jellyfish Electronics Fuzz King
    SMOOTH GERMANIUM VINTAGE FUZZ  Bow down, your king has arrived. The Fuzz King rules the land with an iron fist. This fuzz pedal is smooth and sultry with the gain knob down, adding bite and harmonics to your tone. Crank the gain however and feel the wrath of pure germainum fuzz monarchy ..
    $96.00 $120.00
  • Jellyfish Electronics Girthquake Overdrive
    RICH OVERDRIVE BURSTING WITH HARMONICS The Girthquake - It's an overdrive that can be both raucous and smooth, depending on what you need from it. With three controls, Gain, Tone, and Volume, it is flexible and can suit your needs if your looking for a hard rock distortion/overdrive to a smoo..
    $96.00 $120.00
  • Jellyfish Electronics Lucky Penny - Dual Drive
    TWO CASCADING MAGIC GAIN STAGES The Luck Penny has two independent channels, The Tails side is low gain. clean, transparent and simple with controls for Gain and Volume - you know the type. The Heads channel picks up where Tails left off - full bodied rich overdrive with controls for Gain, Vo..
    $120.00 $150.00
  • Jellyfish Electronics Murder By Fuzz
    HUGE THUNDERING MOSFET FUZZ Premeditated and cold-blooded, the Murder by Fuzz will make your heart stop with its gobs of rich silky fuzz. The MBF has Muff genetics, but split from the DNA chain long ago, following its own evolutionary trail. The Murder By Fuzz gets its fuzz from two different..
    $120.00 $150.00
  • Jellyfish Electronics Shipwreck Overdrive
    The Shipwreck Overdrive is designed to emulate the cascading gain stages of a tube amp, with discreet controls over two gain stages, output volume, and high-end tone shaping. Use PREGAIN to overdrive the first stage. Use GAIN to control how much of that signal pummels the next one. This extr..
    $120.00 $150.00