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  • Epigaze Audio Custom Shop Singularity MKII Fuzz
    The same great sound of our Singularity fuzz with more options. The Custom Shop Singularity gives you complete control of the bias for each of the three transistors to tailor your fuzz to your liking. From smooth, gated, and borderline octave fuzz tones. The Custom Shop version is built into a la..
    $188.00 $234.99
  • Epigaze Audio Earthrise VIII - Overdrive
    You can’t deny that the 70s were awesome. A time that brought to light some great rock bands, and some great tones. The Earthrise VIII is our answer to the overdriven sounds we all love. Based around a vintage classic without the huge vintage price tag; from subtle overdriven tone and boost to a ..
    $128.00 $159.99
  • Epigaze Audio Neutrino Quark - Buffer
    Save your tone! The Neutrino is a simple boutique buffer pedal to give your signal the boost it needs before heading to your pedal board. Now you can run your buffer before your fuzz pedals without any conflicts simply by switching between high or low impedance via a toggle switch. Perfect for th..
    $60.00 $74.99