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The Slammi smoothly sweeps the pitch of the guitar signal either up or down without using any moving parts, it does not use a potentiometer, optics or magnetism. The result is a responsive pedal that allows precise control over a clean, glitch free, polyphonic pitch-shifting algorithm. To top it off the Slammi can create harmonized intervals by mixing your dry signal with the effect using the adjustable DRY VOL control.

Plug your guitar into the INPUT jack; connect your amp to the OUTPUT jack. Tilt the Slammi forward to light the EHX logo in the center of the pedal. Your Slammi is ready to go! Please note: as long as a plug is inserted into the INPUT jack, a drain is placed on the 9V battery inside the Slammi.  It is recommended that you disconnect the INPUT jack when the Slammi is not in use to extend battery life.

MAX BEND Control
The Max Bend control, located on the input side of the Slammi, acts as an 11-way switch selecting the maximum bend or maximum interval of chromatic transposition. The chart below shows where each maximum bend setting is located on the thumbwheel, the odd numbers are not actually on the control:

0 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 10
Detune 1/2 Step Major 2nd Major 3rd Perfect 4th Perfect 5th Major 6th Minor 7th 1 Oct 2 Oct 3 Oct/Dive

BEND Push Button
The Bend button, next to the MAX BEND thumbwheel, selects whether the pitch is shifted up or down relative to the original pitch.  If the button is out, the pitch will be shifted UP; likewise if the button is in, the pitch is shifted DOWN.

DRY VOL Control
The Dry Volume (DRY VOL) thumbwheel, next to the INPUT jack, controls the volume of your dry signal, mixing it with the effect signal. This enables you to harmonize with your original pitch while at a fixed interval or when you bend notes. A detuned effect can be made when MAX BEND is set to 0 and DRY VOL is above 0.

To ensure the Slammi responds to its full sweep range, it may be necessary to calibrate the sweep of the Slammi when it is used on a different surface since its last use. It is particularly important to calibrate if the Slammi is used on a slanted surface. We recommend calibrating the Slammi after unwrapping it from its packaging, during your first use of the pedal.  The Slammi is unique compared to other Next Step pedals in that it can be calibrated so maximum effect is either in the toe-down position or heel-down position, allowing you to reverse the pedal’s sweep direction.

1. Place the pedal on the surface where it will be used.
2. Ensure the Slammi pedal is sitting flat on the surface then press and release the CALIBRATE button once; the EHX logo begins to blink indicating the toe position has been saved.
3. While the EHX logo continues to blink, rock the pedal all the way back to the extreme heel position and hold it there.
4. Press and release the CALIBRATE button once more.
5. The EHX logo will stop blinking to indicate the heel position has been saved.

1. Place the pedal on the surface where it will be used.
2. Rotate the Slammi back to the heel position and hold it there while you press and release the CALIBRATE button once; the EHX logo begins to blink indicating the heel position has been saved.
3. While the EHX logo blinks, tilt the pedal forward to the toe position allowing the pedal to sit flat on the surface.
4. Press and release the CALIBRATE button once more.
5. The EHX logo will stop blinking to indicate the toe position has been saved.

If you accidentally press the CALIBRATE button and the EHX logo blinks, do not press CALIBRATE again. After approximately 7 seconds, the Slammi will stop blinking and ignore the button press.

Please Note: to reduce the total sweep range of the Slammi, when calibrating, move the Slammi up a little when pressing the button to save the toe position or move the Slammi forward a bit when pressing the button to save the heel position.

Switch between buffered bypass and effect mode by tipping the Slammi forward, in the toe direction, past the flat position of the Slammi. You do not need to tip the Slammi all the way forward; 25% of the total forward travel will do it. The Slammi needs to return to its flat position before you can switch between bypass and effect mode again.

When the Slammi is in effect mode, the EHX logo in the center of the pedal will light up. In bypass mode, the logo does not light.

Plugging into the INPUT jack activates power from the internal 9 Volt battery. The input cable should be removed when the unit is not in use to avoid running down the battery. If an AC Adapter is used, the Slammi will be powered up as long as the AC Adapter is correctly plugged in.

The Slammi’s power jack is located on the same side as the OUTPUT jack. A 9 Volt AC Adapter capable of delivering at least 50 mA of current is required to power the Slammi. The inner ring of the 9 Volt AC Adapter must be negative, the outer ring positive. The optional 9V power supply from Electro-Harmonix is 9.6DC-200BI (same as used by Boss® & Ibanez®) 9.6 Volts DC/200mA. The unit’s battery may be left in or taken out when the AC Adapter is in use. The actual current draw of the Slammi is 24 mA.

1. Locate the battery door at the front of the Slammi, under the toe area of the foot plate.
2. Remove the large black screw that holds the battery door to the case, most coins or larger slotted screwdrivers can be used to remove this screw. 
3. Connect your new 9V battery to the wired battery connector. 
4. Insert the 9V battery into the battery holder clip on the battery door so that the wired connector is on the same side of the hole in the battery door.
5. Place the battery door back into its window, in the case of the Slammi and re-install the screw.

• Slammi has buffered bypass.
• The input impedance presented at the INPUT Jack is 2M Ohm. The output impedance at the OUTPUT Jack is 780 Ohm.
• The current draw of the Slammi is 24 mA.

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