CAST Engineering Gypsy Haze - Octave Fuzz

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Octave-up fuzz is an effect that’s almost as old as pedals themselves. Utilizing a transformer, it was drastically different from its contemporaries and was instantly recognizable. The logical evolution of that design is the Gypsy Haze from Cast Engineering.

The Gypsy Haze is a highly-tuned version of the original Tychobrahe Octavia, even using its original transformer from the ‘60s. Digging further into the circuit, you’re greeted with a pair of carefully curated germanium diodes that give it its characteristic upper-octave punch.

A footswitch takes the octave-up right out of the circuit, leaving behind the brassy fuzz that drives the transformer. It’s not unlike the fuzz tone that Hendrix delivered Band of Gypsys, as that was rumored to be an Octavia without the octave feature.

Double-tapping the 8VA footswitch engages the stutter mode, which cycles back and forth between octaved and non-octaved fuzz. In this mode, the 8VA switch can be used as a tap tempo for a cool glitch fuzz effect.

Cast Engineering Gypsys Haze Features:

  • Based on the Tychobrahe Octavia with original transformer
  • Footswitch removes octave up circuit from main circuit
  • Tapping footswitch engages stutter mode with tap tempo
  • Standard 9v center-negative power operation (adapter not included)

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