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The Chris Broderick Pick Clip is one of a kind and made of durable titanium!   Made in the USA! Pick Clips are perfectly made in one size fits all for your right thumb.  It’s bendable so just put it on and crimp to fit.  Go from picking to tapping and back to picking without worring about what to do with your pick.   There's no need to change you preferred pick. The Pick Clip will accomodate the vast majority of commercially available picks.  The pick clip is also excellent for classical guitarist as Chris demonstrates in the second video.  This unique design was thought of and patented by Megadeth's former guitarist Chris Broderick!  Left-handed Pick Clips are now available for purchase! Order 5 Pick Clips today and get a FREE Chris Broderick autographed copy of the Patent sheet and a Chris Broderick guitar pick!!!  See Chris tear it up below and talk about the Pick Clip at in the beginning of the first video and at about 2:55 of the second video.  

The Pick Clip can also be a great aid for any new guitarists struggling to get achieve proper pick gripping form.

Shipping outside of USA is $12.99, inside the USA is $5.99

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